Just Because The Grass Is Green Doesn’t Mean That A Snake Is Not Laying There Waiting For you!

While I have been doing very well on sticking to my new way of eating over the last few months, I had the feeling to order out for a few pizza pies from Papa John’s Pizza because I also had some of the LanceScurv Creative Team over by my home to vibe together and work on a few new things that are upcoming.

That being said, it was an exciting feeling having the innovative kindred spirits under the same roof as our unique way of communicating on that higher wavelength was on full throttle and feeling so good. This is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed amongst those who have a love/lust/addiction for the same thing, they love to collectively indulge in their passion and when they are in the company of others who possess this same love it seems to amplify synergistically over and above what the present headcount of those who are there can seen to produce.


This is why drug abusers seem to favor getting high in the company of one another behind closed doors or where ever they can steal a moment of solitude to inoculate themselves with the lethal and deadly substance of their choice.

Alcoholics are the same, drinkers enjoy the company of other drinkers as they probably feel as though their defenses can come down because no one in that inner circle will chastise them because they enjoy the same exact vice.

It’s not always a bad thing but to have this with others you must have a common thread no matter what other differences that you might uniquely possess as an individual.

On Superbowl weekend you can see and feel the male bonding between those who have a love for the sport of football. It’s almost where any outward and obviously differences cease to matter when that game is about to begin as well as when it is in progress.

No one on that day is a Democrat or a Republican.

No one really notices on that day if you are Black or White.

No one really cares who is gay or straight during halftime just the same way all of the trappings of success are washed away and don’t matter when a rich man is in the company of people who are considered the blue collared working poor who have not the finances to live in the comfort zone that they crave. It’s not about anything else other than they love of the activity that takes them out of themselves and into the common plane.

We need more of those times in this world with so much separation in our midst, let’s have a Superbowl every week and watch the level of crime diminish into nothingness as the feeling of well being and brotherhood wash across a land dried and hardened under the drought of intense disconnectedness that comes from the life draining dealings of racism, class, sexism and political affiliation.

Superbowl 2012

So as my friends and I indulged in our various creative pursuits in my jumbled office, sometimes working in utter silence until a brainstorm erupted from one of us to break the quiet that could only have been rivaled in a local library infested with ambitious students who were cramming their studies for the big exam the following day, we were in complete unison and in a divine flow that will definitely be felt in the world soon as we gain more of a stride to reach our personal goals.

But anyone who is in the process of striving for excellence knows and appreciates the efforts of others because they understand the struggle to attain a higher ground even if it is not in their particular field of excellence.

Heck, any effort to improve ones situation is something that I can respect no matter where you find yourself at this point. To me it is a noble thing to see someone fight the odds to eventually succeed where others merely settle for less and become complacent in mediocrity.

Motivation is all around us and quite an infectious mentality if you allow its refreshing vibes to flow through you, yes, we know that there are obstacles out here but it sure is a sweet feeling to knock them down as they come one by one!

Everyone may not feel this way and it will show in their life, this is the burden that the non motivated must carry in the heart and while that load often goes undetected, it surely does come out sooner or later as some type of attack on the ambitious.

One thing that hit me hard during last nights pow wow with my friends was when that pizza was finally delivered, the person that brought it to my home was a young White woman who was about 20 years of age. She had on the Papa John’s Pizza uniform and the aging vehicle that she used to do her deliveries had seen better days yet she had a refreshed and ambitious attitude which garnered her a sizable tip from the recently gifted wallet of LanceScurv.

In contrast to this very studious young lady whom I could see was a student by the amount of college books on the back seat of her vehicle, there were a few young Black guys walking down the street who for some reason watched the transaction between myself and the Papa John’s Pizza delivery woman like a hawk ready to swoop down on its prey.

I heard them mumbling under their voices as they passed by my house – “We need to snatch that little bitches money and go shopping like there ain’t no tomorrow!” “I need me some money but I ain’t about to go and bust my ass at no Papa John’s and shit ’cause they don’t pay NO goddamn money!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing although I never took their words as a real threat. But what really hit me was the contrasting mentalities that were mere feet away from each other yet in another few years these guys would most likely find themselves in a far different reality than the young woman who disciplined herself to get up and go to work at a place where most people refuse to work in while displaying her faith to the world by attending school to make her life better for herself.

You see, some of our youth will always refuse to submit to the divine law of striving for what you want out of life, those are the types that want everything done for them while sitting back and doing nothing for themselves!

But life doesn’t work that way and it is only a matter of time before someone like that finds themselves in a sorry state of affairs only to look back and regret their own foolish choices that landed them in a bad spot in the first place.

So no matter how humbling a work experience may be, always know that all work is edifying because it gives you the opportunity to manifest the divine principles that God has placed in you and takes joy in seeing you execute them in a fruitful manner for the world to draw strength from.

So if you are not ambitious then you really should not have a place at God’s table in eternity because He didn’t place us here to lay around like dead weight while others sacrifice and suffer for our slothful ways.


So know that if you find yourself around the mediocre entities who want nothing more than to coast through life on minimal effort you must BANISH them from your life, because if you do not keep them out of your space then they will eat up what little drive and ambition that you have down from you.

So while I may know so many people, very few make it into the LanceScurv Sanctum Santorium of creativity, you have to be qualified.

…….because if I didn’t watch out for the enemy by being careful in whom I choose to have near me, I wouldn’t be able to get HALF of the things completed that I do out here in cyberspace!

Don’t lose your focus!

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