In this monologue from LanceScurv, the importance of keeping your swords sharp is focused on. Many do not understand that I am not speaking of an actual sword but the symbolic spiritual sword that we have the legal right to use when someone overtly or covertly attempts to interfere with the delicate balance of our happy life that we’ve gone through pains and all types of tribulations to achieve.

This is a topic that we need to always keep in our mind in order to keep ourselves protected from the ever present threat of that two faced entity who we’ve allowed into our lives that have taken the proximity to our inner circle for granted. To these types of people it is merely a game for them to realize that they have access to your most vulnerable information and resources and the end game for them is to snatch your life force and all that it has achieved for the own selfish cold-hearted carnal purposes!

When you begin to discern who it is that is bringing this soul draining negative energy into your life you MUST spiritually decapitate them immediately because they won’t stop siphoning your essence from you until it is all gone before they move on to the next one! DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!


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