Keeping The Focus In A Hostile Environment…….

To many of us are rushing our time on this earth without totally inhaling the sweet scent of this unparalleled and irreplaceable life. To many of us are so focused on the trappings of security that we jeopardize our health in the process of pursuit. In the end our loved ones need us here, healthy and alive more than they need a few hundred thousand dollars in an insurance payoff while the pain of loss makes a mockery of every dollar deposited in the bank.

I know my words may fall on deaf ears because the emotional climate caused by the current state of a sad economy has everyone attempting to “get their hustle on!”

And I couldn’t agree with the concept any more than I do now, but there must be a balance in all that we do. Life IS balance! We could negate much of the stress that we feel if we only learned to pit the powerful forces of nature alongside each other in order to benefit our cause.

We just have to take a moment and think things through realistically.

Look how a person maneuvers the sail on a sailboat, this individual manipulates the sail to harness the power of the wind to help get them where they desire to go in an effortless fashion! There is NO motor to operate, NO gas to continually refill and NO lack of wind to push that sail! Even if the winds are gentle it will still be enough to move that boat……..

We in this life on the other hand are comparable to a person rowing a boat upstream in violent waters that oppose us. We expend to much energy to get the same result as the sailboat. We frustrate ourselves into exhaustion never reaching our chosen destination and desired goals because we do not work efficiently nor do we take the time to study our environments to see how best it can serve US!

Study our environments?

What do I mean by that?

Study the environment on your job because that loud mouth supervisor might be in a great deal of pain and might not have meant to “tick you off” last week with that attitude she displayed. It might be because she found out that her son received 15 years in prison and is holding it in to herself. She might be your best friend eventually if you took the time to understand her and she might take you under her wing and teach you some skills that would get you a great raise!

Study your environment because all of those late night SLOW rides home from the church choir director might not be as wholesomely motivated as you might think, especially when he seems to compliment you a bit too much while never speaking about his wife!

Study your environment!

……because those friends that continue to drop by unexpectedly along with other entities to whom you’ve never seen before might be setting your home up to be burglarized. Never brush it off and say to yourself that if they are friends of hers then they must be decent trustworthy people!

The only way to keep ourselves in balance in this ever changing world is to study our surroundings and form a trajectory of where things seem to be going and keep ourselves ahead of the curve.

But we sometimes get so caught up in the mass panic of the moment and lose our cool in our life situations and handle them in a way that is totally ineffective. Anyone here who is trained medically or in law enforcement knows that you cannot panic at the sight of blood, one must assess the situation properly while filtering out the reactions of the people who possess an untrained eye.

Every single day of your life you are faced with a multitude of decisions to make from the simplest task to the most gut wrenching choices that not only affect you, but your mate, family, friends and all of those in your inner circle.

Like a friend of mine who recently had a mild stroke, he spent two days in the hospital and went back to work that third day! While I will applaud him on his fighting spirit and determination to provide for his family, how much good will he be if he is lowered into that casket before his time because he didn’t heed the calling of the time and the warning that he was divinely issued.

On the flip side sometimes “keeping the focus” is not always a good thing.

This is why while we must access our surroundings while having tunnel vision.


Because satan has a slick way of turning something that is a good thing around to hurt you with it! There was a time not to long ago that I used to work on a job that had a very toxic environment, the money was okay but there was nothing to look forward to as far as personal growth or edifying experiences. I justified my time there by the amount of overtime that I could work in trading off my time for money. But it was slowly killing my creative spirit to have to deal with the small minded individuals there who thought that place was the entire world! They spoke of each other so badly behind each others backs. They competed with each other as to who could accumulate more material items over the next person and were into your business by any means necessary! So the BEST thing that could have happened to me was for me to get fired from that place! If I wasn’t out of there, there would be NO WAY that I could have been put into a position and level of success that I am enjoying (As well as a whole new life!) if I wasn’t terminated from my so called employment there! The thought of being fired from that dirty place would have KILLED most others who work there because when you really look into it, what else could they really do?

But I didn’t realize that because I was stuck on doing as much overtime as humanly possible!

So understand that our God will remove us away from a bad situation in a seemingly bad series of events because He knows where he is moving you down the line!

Only then you will look back to the stagnant places he has saved you from as though it is a far distant memory that really never happened.

Constantly pray and ask for the understanding to KNOW when to push forward and to KNOW when to back off! Nothing hurts more than to get so very close to a goal and then realize that you blew it because you didn’t understand how to adjust to your situation to maximize your resources.

And understand that once you make the commitment to ANY righteous endeavor in a very powerful way, that the negative forces WILL be assigned and commissioned to make sure that your dreams, goals and Godly spirit will NOT remain intact. It’s not a paranoia thing, it’s the TRUTH!

How can you know that this is the truth?

well, give up all things positive and go out in the street and get caught up in things that are negative and bring you down.

Guess what?

You will have NO opposition from satan when you do not challenge yourself to raise your standard of living into a God-like plane.

We must never drop our guard once the process begins to uplift our lives. We must stand like sentinels sitting atop the mountain peak while we gaze over the horizon to make sure that we know when the enemy approaches. We can now proactively prepare for his attack and thwart it effectively because we are braced for it like a hurricane warning days before it makes landfall. While we are to be focused on our goals so much that the devil will have a hard time keeping up with us, we should still understand that there will be days where things just will not go as planned!

…………………And THAT’S the main benefit of keeping YOU focused in a hostile environment!

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