Keeping Your Spiritual Blades Sharpened For The Attack Through Meditation

When I awaken in the morning to a fresh new day, I make sure to look within in order to ensure that I do not possess any gripes or concerns from the previous day as well as meditating to in order to cleanse myself of anything that would hamper a clear minded smooth running productive day.

Too many times we are infected with attitudes and mindsets that did NOT originate from within us as we have unknowingly adopted an unwanted way of seeing the world that will eventually cause us to malfunction and break down.

We can usually tell that this is the case by the reactions that we display that may be amplified more than normal or may seem to be something that we might not usually do.

We must understand that if this is the case, then we definitely have been infected with an attitude virus from an external source indeed!

It’s the same way when one catches a cold or flu virus. We feel it coming on by the symptoms that are displayed and the terrible way that we begin to feel physically. Sometimes it can be quite a gradual process until we realize that we are outright sick. Other times it may not be gradual, as you can retire to bed feeling like a million bucks only to rise in the morning thinking of nothing else but getting to the hospital emergency room as soon as possible!

But for us to understand what is abnormal about our actions, we have to know what IS normal about ourselves. In order to know when we are “off” we have to have spent plenty of time with ourselves in order to know what is normal and what is abnormal.

If you can think back to a time when you may have owned an older car that wasn’t the car of your dreams and may have been a vehicle that brought you much embarrassment! LOL! That was the car that you were so glad to have to get you around but you weren’t proud of it at all because it was considered a piece of junk by your peers. Oh BOY I can remember those days!

Old Clunker

I would use my old clunker of a hoopty to get around everywhere and for the most part it never failed me but I would always park it a few blocks away from the party that I might have been invited to because I did NOT want anyone to see what I was driving!

Before I would start it up I would have to pour in the various fluids that were leaking out because I may have been too broke at the time to repair it (You knew where I parked because the street would be stained with transmission fluid all over the place even if I only parked it there for twenty minutes!) but one thing was for sure, even though that car smoked up the street and made noises that to this day I never knew were possible coming from a car, I KNEW that vehicle and every thing about it!

If someone else were to attempt to drive it, they wouldn’t know through the noises and bangs and occasional stalls at the red light if if were okay to drive it or not! They would probably refuse to get behind the wheel of it of a fear that it would probably EXPLODE! LOL!

But I knew my old jalopy like I know the back of my penis (I know I’m crazy, but I just HAD to make you laugh! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t! LOL!) and this is why I was okay navigating around town with it even if i was embarrassed to be seen in it. I KNEW what the danger signs were because of the amount of time that I spent with it! I KNEW when I was pushing my luck when venturing out a little to far with it and risking the chance that I would not make it back.


So YOU like that old clunker of a vehicle MUST spend time with yourself in order to know if you are in need of some spiritual fluids or if you just need to pull over on the side of the road just to cool off in order to make it to the destination that you’ve set for yourself. For you not to know your unique capabilities is to put yourself in a position of disaster because you will be infected unknowingly with the bad attitudes of others and the strange idiosyncrasies and hangups that never were a part of your makeup and never originated from you in the first place!




Keep your mental, emotional and spiritual blade sharp and the only way to do this is through prayer, meditation, cleansing and an awareness that your peace of mind will surely come under attack! This is why we must NEVER waste our precious downtime with useless endeavors and the things that are not considered the fruits of the spirit because when the attacks come we will not be prepared!

I do hope that my rant today has strengthened and empowered someone!

God bless you all and I can’t wait for our party on Friday night on the LanceScurv Talk Show!

Until then,

Peace & Righteous Unconditional Love Always,

Your Brother/Servant,


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