Kemetic Fraud & White Women Who Go Crazy Over Black Pipe! – The LanceScurv Show

When Talaya and LanceScurv get together to enjoy a meeting of the minds, it is guaranteed to be something very nutritious for the mind indeed.

This verbal exchange and sharing of energies didn’t disappoint and it must be said that Talaya was in rare form as the truths that flowed from her lips were fascinating to say the least!

Kemetic Fraud is what we call it and it is a phenomenon that is on the rise in the conscious Black community.

It is almost like the exploding crime rates that accompany the swift growth of a city that is experiencing a surge in mass migration unexpectedly, the frauds and impostors in the Conscious Black community are an unwanted perk of our overall growth but something must be done to rid ourselves of this parasite.

For those parasites who speak a righteous word and doctrine to prostitute our spiritual connection for their profit, know that they will be called out by name to be exposed each and every time regardless of how many they have deceived!

Enjoy the conversation and do feel free to join the discussion in the comment area below.

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