Is Kevin Hart Hollywood’s Latest Puppet Of Propaganda To Degrade Black Women? – The LanceScurv Show

Kevin Hart and the shade that he throws Black Women in his veiled and overt negative comments is really a case of the job that he is paid to do.

In his own words he swears that he will never make a joke against gays and lesbians in any form because it is too sensitive an issue.

That statement alone will ensure that he will remain at the top of the comedic helm for a very long time to come.


Yet, he will go in own his own Black Sister in a negative manner because it is and has always been in vogue to do just that to Black women!

Demonize and degrade them at every opportunity to the delight of mainstream Amerikkka with every breath that he could muster.

That style and focus of comedy will ALSO ensure that he will remain at the top of the comedic food chain for many years and countless millions to come.

Kevin Hart’s very public position as the current funniest man in Hollywood comes with a price and a set of instructions.

It clearly shows that no matter how much we feel that we’ve made it as a race in the dominant White society, we will always be the footstools and the butt of some of the most hurtful jokes ever made.

My question is, when will we leave all of this mind bending and hate laced material so readily provided by Hollywood that will guarantee that it will be even easier to pull a trigger on each other and leave our pregnant women all alone with no support because they have no worth as the bitches they are projected to be?

We really need to talk about this for sure!

Leave you thoughts and comments below.

Peace & Righteous Love Always

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