Kill President Obama & His Monkey Children – Where Is The Outcry?

Jules Manson, after being pissed off that he didn’t win the City Council seat in Carson, California went off on a Facebook rant calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama and his children.

“Assassinate the fucking nigger and his monkey children” were Mr. Manson’s exact words.

For those of us who were upset (As we should be!) after hearing a man who was attempting to get elected into a public office I ask “where is the outrage?”

What if I as a mere citizen of this country (Even with the second class treatment I’ve gotten all of my life here!) went off on an online rant stating that the Pope should be assassinated or that someone who mainstream White America holds so near and dear to their hearts I’m willing to bet that the men in the black suites would show up to my door to whisk me away to God knows where in NO TIME!

So why wasn’t there any action against him?

The last time I checked, those were the sentiments of one who harbored terrorist beliefs. Don’t terrorists want to do harm to the President of the United States, his children and the whole rest of the country too?

Sure they do.

But the difference here is that a person who has enough status to attempt to get elected into a public office can get away with saying such an evil statement publicly is because ever since before President Barack Obama got into office the main goal for mainstream Amerikkka was to get him OUT of office by any means necessary!


The reason that you will not hear any outcry from those who are opposed to President Obama being the most powerful man in the world and our current president is that most of them wouldn’t mind him being assassinated too! They will cheer a man who in Joe Paterno (The Penn State Football coach who came under fire in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal) ignored the evidence of foul play on his campus yet refuse to raise hell against a punk who had the balls to publicly call out for an assassination not only on the President but on his children too!

As a nation we are sick!

I suggest that Mr. Manson be detained indefinitely in any lockdown in the nation of his choosing with my Black Brothers who would definitely make sure that he will understand in convincing fashion  that some things in this life you just don’t say.

Looks like the 2012 Presidential Race has officially started.

This kind of thing only shows America’s true colors. Business as usual.

Does it surprise me? It sure doesn’t. I’ve lived my entire life alongside the so called patriotic citizens of this country who feel the same way that Mr. Manson feels about “my kind”.

You begin to not expect anything else when you live in the skin that I am in. The problem is while most Blacks here in America know it, they will only say it in whispered tones because of the fear of losing a job or hurting someone’s feelings.

You will also be viewed as some kind of trouble maker!

Imagine that?

Here I am as a law abiding hard working tax paying citizen who doesn’t leave any footprint of stressing the system in my tracks who would be looked at as a rabblerouser for speaking up on the conditions that are unique unto me in my walk in this country! A week doesn’t go by in my life where I am not trailed by the police as I drive to either go to work or come home FROM work as though I am a criminal yet those who rip off the retirement money of the hard working people of this nation never get looked at as criminals in the same judicial system that deems me guilty until proven innocent.

…….and most Black people these days “ain’t gonna” say a damn word about it out of a fear of losing something that they never really had.

It’s THAT kind of meek weak scratch where you don’t itch trained puppy Negro mentality that gives these evil entities the gall to say the things that they brazenly say because they know that you are to timid and beatdown to stand up for yourself!

What happened to us as a people?

Do you think that someone could be bold enough to call for the assassination of any one of the leaders of Israel and THEIR children and expect the Jewish people to sit down and not say a mumbling word? HELL NO!

But these honorary Klansmen KNOW that they can say what they want about THIS President of the United States because he is Black! But what about those Whites who are citizens in this country who heard about a threat to their current President? Let’s take color out of it and let me ask where are they?

I’m hearing crickets…….

…….and this is why I had absolutely no feeling as a younger man growing up to join the so called military and “defend my country” because of the underlying unseen hateful foundation that this present manifestation of a regime was built on. I was never delusional like that because I taught from early by my Elders on how minorities are used in the name of being patriotic to fight for corporate interests abroad. Why defend this country when the hell that you are catching is never dealt with in the same intensity that the U.S. government goes out to topple the power structure of OTHER nations? Why support that when you should be fighting to rid this land of people who want to do harm to our President and his beautiful children? If someone can make such vile comments publicly what might he do when not under the scope and watchful eye of the public?

And you wonder why this nation is going to hell like it is! I LOVE the fact that it is! And PLEASE quote me on that!

I HOPE the economy falls down to nothingness because it is THIS economy that exploits the poor and downtrodden while others live off of the sweat of others in luxury! I don’t want anything that anyone has strived hard to achieve but all I want is what I’ve worked hard for without being taxed out of my backside time and time again and exploited, redlined, discriminated on and profiled by the police every single day of my life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live as a truly free individual who can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for once in our lives!

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, it’s the Amerikkkan way!

So my suggestion to you is to understand your enemies that are right here on Amerikkkan soil who you have to deal with everyday. Understand the nature of their Colgate smiles and never be fooled by their Academy Award winning performances that have fooled many into thinking that they truly love you.

They don’t.

Not only don’t they love you but if YOU were ever to become the President of the United States you had better watch your back because they will not only call for your death but the death of your children also.

Has anything really changed since the time of slavery?

You tell me.

And for those apologists who say that the words of Mr. Manson were not the feelings of EVERY American I say then where ARE those who disagree with him?

Why is it that when others have a strong cause that they want to fight for that they expect me to get up after getting kicked in the head by them and join hands to fight for what they deem as a threat? I;m through with this place called Amerikkka and really don’t want to indulge in the pleasures of stolen goods anymore. It will never work out here as long as justice isn’t given to the natives who were here first and it will never work out here if the stolen Africans arent dealt with fairly.

At this stage of my life all I want to do is to come out of this place and go back home to the place of my Father’s birth and watch Amerikkka get its just due safely from abroad where I can live a full and happy life away from the sickness of racism and these infected people that I’ve had to deal with since the day I was born.

It won’t be long for me and this is why I choose not to raise my blood pressure over a nation who can say the things that they do about me and “my kind” and the tap dancing apologists who fight so hard to believe in an ideology that tells them that they will one day be loved by a “Master” who will never truly embrace them.

America, I see the game and don’t want to play it anymore.

Happy 2012 Amerikkka, I hope you enjoy paying your Karma bills this year as they roll around to find you.

It’s people down through the centuries who possess the spirit of Mr. Jules Manson who have put you as a nation on Heaven’s foreclosure list to be evicted immediately straight into the bowels of hell.

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Jules Manson
December 8, 2014 2:03 AM

Yes I am the Jules Manson

I am not racist. I am just angry about where he [Obama] is taking this once beautiful and free country, He knows what he is doing and it certainly isn’t for us. I sometimes wonder what kind of a deal he made with the devil. They are the unseen oligarchs who own and rule this country behind a curtain of secrecy. I suspect all presidents who play ball are “gifted” share stocks in the Federal Reserve. This is a monster money making machine in every sense of the word. That may be why they never speak in opposition of it or call for an audit or for shutting it down as Ron Paul championed.

And to make certain this government isn’t toppled they equipped the police with what amounts to military grade weapons and gear including tanks and large troop carrying trucks. But there is more. The marines have been carrying exercises in many big American cities. So have foreign troops like the Russians and Poles Don’t even think of uprooting this government because treasonous traitors like Obama have made certain to secure it with extensions of the Patriot Act and NDAA 2012 plus.

Boys and girls, we now live in what amounts to be a police state.

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