Kiss His Ass Goodbye As Fast As You Can & Forge Forward Into Your True Destiny!

Feeling a little down because of that breakup and in need of a little boost?

Well you’ve come to the right place my friend because the feeling just hit me to speak to you directly!

The best thing to do is to do you.

If there is a job to be done in YOUR life then you must execute it regardless as to the storms that are swirling around you.

Long after the temporary factors that appear “ferocious but don’t bite as bad as they look” have been banished from you life your accomplishments will still stand long after and shine even brighter because you know what you had to go through to achieve them!
So do what the heck you have to do to move on and don’t you miss a beat in what YOU have to do for YOU!

I’m with you on this one.

Also, do NOT allow anyone to attempt to change your mind once you make the leap if this is something that YOU need to do! Every decision must be made with no doubt whatsoever and wholeheartedly!

Understand that you were born into this world on your own an you will leave it just the same. No matte how many of your good friends were with you during those good times and the bad times, everything between the point of being born and making your transition is your very own unique experience that you will either greatly learn from or pay the consequences for the unwise choices that only you were responsible for making.

You see, you may have gotten this fool out of your life but the hardest part is getting him out of your mind! Don’t think that you could just wish him away when for all this time he has been penetrating you and sucking on you and getting you used to his essence.

There is a whole lot more to being with someone than meets the eye and the connections are still very strong and can last up to many years if you don’t look it square in the eye and purposely disengage every connection instead of trying to replace a bad individual with another of an unknown quantity.

You heard me!

Stay away from any other man until you are free of those toxic soul ties that still exist from your old relationship.

And do not even tell me that you are not rebounding and that the new man in your life is a good man. So what if he is a good man, good man or not you are no ready for anyone after going through a rough breakup with someone.

If anyone is “the” person for you then they will be there long after you have released the toxicity of the prior relationship. Be leery of anyone who also wants to jump right into something with you when you both know that you are not ready yet.

What’s the rush?

Maybe this new person who is trying to get next to you is doing so because THEY might have something to hide or some subpar condition that they know that you would never tolerate when you are finally at full strength emotionally. It’s almost as if they are trying to capture you affections at bargain basement prices. watch everyone and everything at this time of great vulnerability in your life.

One of the advantages of being at this point in your life is that the slate is clean for you to create an entirely new reality for yourself as long as you have prayed on it and received the a okay from your Creator to do so. This is why being still and being quarantined to a certain degree is very important at this time.

How can you hear God’s voice when you are shaking your ass in the club because your very much misled girlfriends told you that this was the best way to deal with a breakup? You must look at the lives of those who have put themselves up as some type of authority to speak on what YOU must do in YOUR life because most of the time they don’t even have any divine guidance and control in THEIRS!

It’s almost like the blind leading the blind! Except after a while you will be the first person to fall into an unfortunate ditch after finding out that you weren’t even being lead by not only a blind person but a person that couldn’t see any better than you who put YOU out there first to test a terrain that is full of ditches to fall in! It’s a hard lesson to learn indeed so separate yourselves for a time.

We have out of all of the creatures in God’s kingdom the ability to think, yet we don’t even utilize what we have in abundance but in stressful times we allow that very desirable ability to work against us because we end up thinking about what happened and toil on the issue when in fact we should be forging forward into our new destiny immediately!

When you see a track star at the starting line at the race, he or she is in position waiting for the gun to fired so that they can tear out from the starting line in order to give them an immediate advantage over their opponents. You just don’t see them standing there reading up on all of the statistics of their prior races and attempting to measure their chances in the present race while not even being in position for lies up ahead of them at that immediate time.


They have absolutely NO time to think about what WAS because it is all about what IS!

Look at the worker ants out in the yard as they build an ant hill together working tirelessly without ceasing. If the wind blew down that ant hill do you think they will “bitch” about how long it took to build it and how they just don’t think they have it in them to do it again? No! They never miss a beat and proceed to build another ant hill and if it gets blown down every single day then they will still have the attitude of always moving forward regardless as to what the circumstances were.

You will ALWAYS have forces negative and positive pulling at you even more so when you took a hit emotionally during and after a break-up. You have to know what it is that you want and utilize the winds of change in your favor like one who has mastered the sailboat does every time they brave the waters to reach their destination.

The winds will always change directions but you must know how to master the conditions around yourself to YOUR benefit even when they are coming directly at you to stop your personal  growth, mission and development!

You must take personal inventory and access the areas of your life that need improvement on all three levels of the physical, mental and spiritual. when we break up with someone, we don’t realize that there is some part of us that has stayed with them and some part of them that has stayed with us. We will oftentimes feel weakened in this partial state of being complete so we must take time to understand where the most damage has been done and lose has occurred in order to make the most of the big task of personal restoration.

You’ve given enough time to someone who you thought was in your corner so now is not the time to play charity with your free time that in reality is as limited as the beats of your heart and the blinks of your eyes!

There is no time to waste and if anyone is truly in your corner they will allow you that time to heal like that bandaged wound that needs to be covered for a time after being CLEANED in order to heal. after you are completely purged of any connection to your former toxic mate then you have the universal right to take your renewed and rejuvenated life back on the “track” in order to navigate your existence to its personal best!

But now you must give one hundred per cent of your energies to the planning of being the best YOU that YOU can be!

Looking forward should ALWAYS look so much better to you than looking back!

…….let no one tell you any different ’cause you have God in your corner!

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