The KKK Wants Blacks To Join Them In The Fight Against Illegal Immigration!

Does the Klu Klux Klan think Black People are stupid?

Do they actually feel that we would readily be used as a tool to further their agenda when they’ve done everything in their power to make our lives a living hell here on this stolen land called America?

Well evidently they think so because as reported on, Robert Jones, the Imperial Klaliff of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan issued a statement saying that Blacks and Whites should band together in order to halt the movement of illegal immigrants into this country as though they were not welcome when they invaded these shores and took it from the natives who were already here?

KKK Ring

But Jones feels that the high level of unemployment in the Black community is the angle that just might get Blacks to agree with him and join in on their fight.

“We think our government should step in and do a whole lot more to secure our borders,” Jones said. “All our jobs are being outsourced right now, and what jobs are left here, black and white Americans are being forced to have a competition with the Mexicans coming across the border, because they’ll do the job cheaper.”

“We’re starting to see the whites and African-Americans waking up to this illegal immigration problem,”

Ilegal Immigrant Mexicans Jumping Over The U.S. Border

“We’re starting to reach out more to the African-American community and talk to them about the same issues, and they’re agreeing with the Klan that illegal immigration needs to stop.”

Isn’t this amazing?

I mean, at the same time this man is trying to get Blacks to join in on the immigration issue, the KKK continues to attempt to recruit new members with their hateful fliers asking the recipients of they were tired of Black Welfare, Black Crime, Race Mixing, Integration etc.

ku klux klan south carolina - KKK

But even as they speak out of both sides of their mouth, there will be some Blacks who will fall for the rhetoric as always.

Some of us are so willing to be subservient to those who want nothing to do with us. When will they realize that there is no love in the hearts of those who hate us blindly simply because of the high melanin count in our skin?

Sure, they will plead their case for us to join together but it’s simply a way of using us once again to do their dirty work and then right after the task is completed, go back to business as usual to execute their hate.

Before any Black person would even consider such a foolish move, why don’t they consult with their ancestors and listen to what they have to say about it.

If this were possible you would truly get an eye opening response to a question that really no one should even consider asking.

But overall the fact of the matter is that in the United States their will always be that faction of people who think along the lines of race in everything that they do and feel threatened by anyone who doesn’t look like them.

The KKK Wants You

It’s 2014 yet the madness lives on and will continue to thrive beyond our lifetime because it was here long before we got here.

They say that the illegal immigrants are taking the jobs from us here in America but if we were already on those jobs there wouldn’t be anything to take.

The fact is that we don’t want to do certain jobs because we don’t want to sweat for less money but many would rather sit on our asses and beg for a government handout. Let it be known that I’m referring to everyone in that comment Black and White!

More so than the immigration issue and them allegedly taken our jobs, what about the corporate bigwigs who take the jobs from over here on American soil and send them to places like Mexico because it will land them a bigger profit because of the lower costs of doing business there?

The KKK isn’t mentioning that aspect because in reality they deep down want us to have some animosity toward the Mexicans so that we can cancel each other out while they (The Klan) sit back and laugh. Trust me, I can see right through their plan because I wasn’t born yesterday!

Here are two very eye opening responses to a conversation that I had several weeks back on a YouTube video titled:

Will There Be A Class/Race War In America Between Whites, Blacks & Hispanic People?

The following comment was left by a YouTuber who goes by the username “THETRUEUAN“:

“LOL blacks are slaves of everyone even the Mexicans will take down the rest of the blacks and we will supply the guns to them to take out the blacks then you are gone problem solved”

…….and yet another one by a YouTuber who uses the moniker “Piggy Schneidel“:

“If you look at how the ethnic communities of today: White people have already won, which is why whites are the head of the state in social and financial power. If you really look at the black community just from YouTube alone, there is absolutely no chance for even blacks to survive against even the Latinos. Just watch the second season of Boondocks, and you’ll know why Black people wont survive it. You are like Huey and the rest of the Black community is Riley. They are more willing to take down the truth tellers than the lie spreaders. The problems with the black community is basically everything Tommy Sotomoyer & MrSuperboy223, etc for what they bring up.

People hate to hear it when they aren’t being praised for doing stupid shit.. Its not black women that are the problem, its the hood-rats that are praised for what they do. Blacks are the only people in the world who praise negativity and mock their own failures rather than evolving past them.


There are more black people attacking him for talking about the issues than people attacking those creating them. There are black people who hate themselves so much that they are willing to do fucking anything for white acceptance even if at no charge it means cutting another black person’s throat.

The same shit slavery has taught that society.

They’d kill their own children for crying than teaching them not to cry. Black people are just so dysfunctional that they’d destroy themselves before white people even need to do a damn thing. I mean there were more white people upset for Travon Martin than blacks. With all these uncle toms on YouTube and coon-cut throats, Blacks are doomed, they’re lives to them are worth no more than attention on world star hip hop.

Black Youth Lost - KKK

The black men doing the right thing are always exiled for being lame or threatened for calling out the utter stupidity. Recently I read people trying to tell me what Justin Bieber said isn’t racist. Black celebrities aren’t trust worthy at all. Oprah, Obama, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kobe Bryant. All Uncle Toms.

Then there are all these dumb ass kids in this generation that does not know their history, they mock their own leaders, they defend racism against them. They attack anyone who criticizes them, they refuse to address responsibility, they hate themselves so much yet don’t realize they have no allies.

Asians would side with white people in a finger snap before defending a Black person no matter how many you fuck. They’re not stupid. Same with Latinos, they know they arent white but they’d rather call themselves white than side with Blacks. Even the fucking Biracials. Most of them call themselves white even if they have dark skin!

Asian women slave themselves white men, Black Women run to white men, Latino women call themselves white. You tell me who would win?”

So if you could only imagine the wide range of intelligent responses down through the entire scope down to the idiotic comments, you will begin to understand why yours truly comes off as fiery as I do.

But this only shows that in the United(?) States Of America that White America’s twisted feelings on race, culture and ethnicity are festering at an all time high and that they will even attempt to pit two factions of people to whom they want to cancel out at each others throats to reach their ultimate desire of a color free America.


So don’t be to swift to react to the scare tactics of the Klan – not that I think you will – but understand that what they are doing is no different than when CNN, Fox News and the rest of the media mind manipulation machine does when they conjure up yet another Bogeyman for the world to demonize so that a hidden agenda can come to full fruition.

We are smarter than that as Black people and even though it has been rumored that some Mexicans have issues with some Black people, I feel that we could patch up any differences with them before even THINKING about sitting down at the table to discuss anything with the Ku Klux Klan!

We ain’t THAT stupid!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,





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