I had a situation where I had to put a price on what I’m worth. The other party in the deal didn’t see my value. In fact, they saw me as being worth no more than half what I saw.

All of you reading this have had similar experiences. You’ve had to communicate your value and the other side’s view has been different.

In this short blog post, I want you to learn how to understand your true value so you will never sell yourself short again.

Your dreams are too valuable to just give them away for free like peanuts on a bar at a pub.

Here’s how to understand your true value:

Believe in yourself above all else.

You can’t put a value on yourself unless you believe in yourself first. This means you have to believe the following:

– You can achieve results

– You can execute

– You are passionate about what you’re doing

– You do have goals

– You can do something special — or even impossible

In this recent situation where I had to put a value on myself, I led the negotiation with the realization that I’m going to change the world through entrepreneurship and personal development.

I believed in myself when maybe nobody else did.

“Your value is directly linked to your belief”

Your potential holds your value.

If you treat yourself like garbage you’ll never appreciate your potential. It’s in your potential that your true value lies. You can’t figure out what you’re worth unless you know what you’re capable of doing.

Your potential is intangible and a lot of it comes down to your mindset. If your mindset is sharp and you’re disciplined then you will do amazing things and most likely exceed your potential.

It’s not where you are right now but where you’re heading that determines your value.

Communicating this effectively is how you make everyone see what you’re worth.

Ignoring your potential will significantly reduce your value and result in you being undervalued which will eventually lead you to be pissed off, frustrated and feeling sorry for yourself.

Not seeing your value is like spitting in your own face.

Most of what you feel comes down to how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself badly then people will copy your behaviour and do the same.

You can’t sell what you’re worth unless you see it first.

Ask people you’ve worked with what they see your value as.

Once you see your own value, you then want to speak with your peers, mentors and friends to get a sense for what they see your value as.

I did this when I was valuing my worth in a business context and my mentors confirmed that I was in fact being undervalued. In other words, they agreed with the value I was placing on my capability.

Some even said I was seeing myself as less valuable than my potential. I used this feedback as a good reference point to gauge whether my thoughts about my value may have been overstated.

Outside opinions are not the be all and end all but they do provide context.

Value time above all else.

When people hear the word ‘value’ they immediately think of money. The worst thing you can do is focus your value around money. I’ve said it a thousand times before: money won’t make you happy in the long-term.

Think about your value in the context of time which you can’t get back. Getting time back is the most valuable thing you can do.

In my case, buying back time allows me to focus on my purpose of inspiring the masses through personal development and entrepreneurship.

Anything that ignites your passion fuels your value.

By buying back time, I am able to spend it in the area of my passion (you can do this too).

Achieving this goal directly aligns with my purpose which fuels everything I do and drives up my value even higher. Passion is infectious and it only makes people value you higher because it’s so rare.

So many of us die inside at a young age and walk around like zombies until our physical form dies.

You can stop this threat to your existence by living in the area of your passion as much as possible.

Final step:

Knowing your value means nothing if you don’t know how to communicate it. You have to communicate your value with respect and remove your ego from the equation.

“Replace ego with a belief in yourself and that you are enough”

Value comes down a lot to how you communicate it and the way you communicate it.

Knowing your true value will help you in every aspect of business and life. It will make your decision-making skills sharper and you’ll be able to figure out the ideas, people and challenges you should align yourself with.

Above everything, believe in yourself.


About The Author

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