If Kwame Kilpatrick Were A White Wall Street Banker He’d Get A Government Bailout And Slap On The Wrist!

Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds sentenced the former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, 43, to an unheard of 28 years in prison! Most of the Social Media feedback I’m receiving on this story believes that this sentence was a bit too much for sure.

This is a huge lesson to all Black men who’ve made it substantially higher in a system that they didn’t create, not to even attempt the crimes that your Caucasian counterparts do because they will always get away with it each and every time with a slap on the wrist!

Kwame Kilpatrick

Didn’t anyone tell Kwame Kilpatrick that racketeering conspiracy, fraud, extortion and tax crimes are for the people who do not look like him? He spent $840,000 dollars over his salary as Mayor trying to also act as though that money was from various gifts from political supporters who blessed him for the holidays and birthdays.

I personally believe that if you do the crime you must do the time. But Dear Lord! 28 years on lock-down for these transgressions? His legal team had attempted to negotiate a 15 year sentence but the Judge just wasn’t having it!

Now if he were a White dude with the same charges, he probably would have gotten two years in a country club style low security prison getting off much earlier to resurface in the public life to do the lucrative college speaking circuit and profiting from a well publicized book deal.

This is the way it seems to always go in this good ol’ United States Of America, two sets of rules for Black and White.

This again is by no means an attempt to make any excuses for a man who purposely broke the law, but we have to understand the strong message being sent here to a man who is definitely being made an example because he wasn’t solely responsible for bankrupting Detroit all by himself.

Kilpatrick Graphic

This is the angle that I find disturbing after a lengthy Federal Investigation, who else was involved other than his trusted inner circle which consisted of his pal Bobby Ferguson?

You see, if every single politician in America was under an investigation from the Federal government, most wouldn’t even be able to finish up their terms to go on to enjoy long stretches of success with those in the private business sector that they helped using their political clout.

Kwame Featured

They wouldn’t be able to finish up their terms because they would all be locked up! We would definitely have a government shutdown for real! But Kwame is merely a pawn in the bigger scheme of things!

Now if Kwame murdered a Black man or raped a Black woman, do you think that he would receive a 28 year sentence? Of course not, he would be helping the powers that be extinguish Black people even faster because Black on Black crime is purely acceptable to the masses as long as we keep our mess over in our own backyard!

But we are allowed to do the petty crimes that keep us in and out of jail to ensure the success of that very same system that thrives from our all too common incarceration.

kwame quits

Stick up kids, Burglary, Prostitution, Carjackings and Selling Drugs on the street level are just a few of the illegal indulgences that are acceptable for us to do to those arrogant entities in power.

So as long as you stay in your lane with our cheap crimes then you pretty much don’t have anything to worry about.

But don’t you dare as a Black man partake in any area of the illegal indulgences that are reserved for the upper elite of the real power brokers in this country.

Kwame Kilpatrick gets 28 years and all of these mega wealthy Wall Street mobsters and Bankers whose manipulations brought the country to its knees got nothing but a bailout!

While there are so many various ways to look at what was done in the Kilpatrick Enterprises shakedown spree, the comparisons between what he did and what others got away with are obvious and the statement to all people of color is as clear as night and day.


We should already know this by now after living our lives on this stolen land but for some of us, any sense of power and influence is such  powerful intoxicant that we seem to lose our natural mind and the street sense that has kept us alive and free.

It’s definitely a great lesson learned from observing this case and hopefully Mr. Kilpatrick can get his sentence reduced, but at the end of the day we have to realize that we didn’t create this game so therefore we will never be allowed to master it and at best will merely be two bit pawns in the greater scheme of things.

So now we’ve lost another charismatic and very talented Brother whose lust for all things carnal took him down from the lack of control that should have been there from within.

Kwame Kilpatrick Cartoon

All great men and women had the ability to never lose self control when they ascend in the world of their chosen area of expertise.

It is said that Satan will deceptively come to you in the straight path of righteousness, well when a Black person has an envied position that their peers feel shouldn’t be in possession of, all thing that come to them that seem like a good thing may be the very thing that brings you down.

Kwame Kilpatrick allowed his ego to get out of control in feeling comfortable with the ever increasing amount of transgressions executed and payed the price dearly. Now we have to see if his conviction is the end of the circus or will an investigation continue to see where this endless road leads.

However the story continues, no one could have placed Kwame Kilpatrick in that position except himself!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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