Lack Of Faith Is A “Diss” To God!

Start from where you are! No matter how humble the circumstances! No matter how impossible it seems. God wants to feel proud that you have faith in him.

Make him happy.

Possessing a lack of confidence is a “diss” to God. Especially if you claim to have truly internalized his word within your daily lives! It shows that you are not connected. The time to stand up and continue to fight even stronger is when it the prognosis for victory seems even more bleek and hopeless than ever! This is when God shows his power in your life. This is when you SHOW God you truly believe in his might!

I compare it to a boxing match. A fight. If any of you know anything about the sport of boxing, you know that every punch is NOT a knockout punch… Some punches are merely a means to position yourself to be ABLE to deliver that crushing knockout blow! And even then, a KNOCKOUT victory is not always guaranteed!…

But victory will be yours nonetheless!

God sometimes allows us to be “positioned” sometimes in a place that may not make sense to us at the time. Our logic is not his. We could never totally encompass his infinite wisdom in our comparitively very simple affairs. So when it comes to working…….we may not always be able to have that dream job…….that dream career…….when we want it. We might not be ready for it even though we desire it so strongly. Our Creator may know a few things about our character makeup or situation and must allow some things to transpire in our life that will help us to grow into maturity.

As much as you wanted to eat that cake that is in the oven and filling up your nostrils with that irresistable aroma, you know that to take it out of the oven before it is ready would limit the culinary experience to something far less than what it will be when it is totally ready!

This is how life is…we take our “cakes” out of the oven long before they are ready! We jump to get married or involved too fast without taking time to find out if that is what is in the master plan for you…….we spend our money too fast without thinking of the long term financial ramifications…we do things too fast without thinking, then regret what we did later on when we can’t change what happened…….we get angry too quickly when circumstances don’t go our way!

…….Gods will can NEVER be rushed!

But it’s always on time!

What we get angry at could be the very thing that positions us for what we truly crave! Sometimes if we are not careful, we can actually throw our blessings away!

That job that you refuse to take because it is “below” you may be the very positioning you needed to achieve a reality that supercedes anything that you could have ever imagined!

You just never know.

Everyday is an adventure and a chance for improving yourself and awareness a”degree” higher than you were on before! So when circumstances come into your life that may not be too pleasant, accept them and know that it may be God honing you and strengthening you for something better!

Never give up on your goals, it is the pursuit of these goals that keep you alive and your juices flowing. No matter HOW many times in the beauty parlor you hear women comparing their childbirth experiences and speaking on how painful it was…and how they will never do it again…….

Not ONE of those women will ever say that they regret the child that they have! And if to keep THAT child here on this earth they were told that they had to do it again, THEY WOULD in a heartbeat!

The beauty of painful experiences is that it brings a wisdom that money can’t buy! The pain of studying for that degree! Now you who possess that degree: Remember that? Now the pain is over and for the rest of your life, you have something that NO one can take away!

The pain and sacrifice of saving for that house! Remember that? Overtime. Pinching pennies. Always tired….now the pain is gone and you have your OWN roof over your head!

The pain of getting in shape and losing weight…….going to the gym…….monitoring your eating and shunning those foods that have you so weak with temptation at times…….

But guess what? Now that you are in shape and healthier with increased esteem and a longer lifespan you see that there was a purpose to that sacrifice and can appreciate that pain! It is a universal principle that can be applied to every facet of our lives!

Climbing the most difficult mountains will always bring the sweetest victories!

Just don’t run when the mountain comes!

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