Ladies: Are You A “Glorified Friction Provider?”

Is your man really WITH you as you both indulge in the joys of your physical union?

Shouldn’t it be mind, body and soul instead of merely a body connection when you both make love?

When he is having sex with you, who is he REALLY making love to?

What thoughts are racing through HIS mind as you give him the ultimate in physical pleasures?

Are you in a broken relationship and don’t even REALIZE it?

This is a topic that will surely stimulate many conversations abroad but the fact of the matter is the numbers don’t lie! Divorce rates have skyrocketed and continue to baffle the imagination as it seems like every week on the television, another Hollywood couple is parting ways in a nasty breakup on their way to the divorce court.

And if that shocking scenario is not playing out dominating the airways, there is always some sports figure who got caught in an affair just as well as a politician who was found to have a mistress or even liked men on the down low! Just when you think things have died down, here comes another one so spectacular it surpasses the twisted drama of the prior media spectacle.

If the relationship or connection at home was the way it should have been, these things would never happen! No! I am not blaming YOU woman, what I am saying is that your man is not honest about his deepest desires with you.

Most times the poor woman at home has nothing to do with it at all, but there are a good amount of times that she might. Who knows what the statistics are in that regard, right now I am focused on the male side of the equation although we all know some ladies who can be just as bad or even WORSE than the most seasoned of male predatory philanderers!

But in ALL cases, there is something that is not being communicated at home here that needs to come out! Can you make adjustments to keep things together when he reveals his deepest needs, desires and fetishes?

Another point that I must interject is that many times when a man cheats physically or mentally, it isn’t always because he isn’t being “fed” at home, the wife might be doing a SPECTACULAR job of rocking his world! It may be the old midlife crisis issue, a low self esteem thing or possibly a way to offset the feeling of depression from the loss of a loved one. It could be anything on these levels!

But one thing is for sure, there is NO EXCUSE for a man to go out and seek the forbidden pleasures of another woman when he has a willing wife at home.

Yes, I said WILLING!

‘Cause some of y’all seem like you WANT your man to cheat by acting as though he lost his MIND when he sheepishly makes a lusty gesture towards you, and when you find that he has been dippin’ on the side with that church sister who is always shakin’ her well rounded fat rump when she gets in the spirit in the aisle in front of you at the wednesday night service,  you want to cry and act a fool!

Tyrese- Lately

And although you KNOW that you are MUCH more attractive than she could ever hope to be in her wildest dreams, you have found out the hard way that GOOD LOOKS have nothing to do with it when it comes to a horny man when that thing of his gets hard! See, while you may look better, your man is fiending on how to get over there to HER bedroom! This is a harsh realization but for many it is a sad reality none the less!

So if cross-eyed snaggle tooth slewfoot Betty down the block has a well known oral fixation that needs a constant and steady stream of attention then guess what? She will be responsible for a whole LOT of broken zippers on trousers that need repairing in the neighborhood!. Just make sure YOUR man doesn’t have to consider this grimey low down but very much real and popular option!

But again let me say that my focus in this blog is not about the men who cheat physically but those who stray mentally, which is just as damaging. I only went through that ramble in the prior paragraph because I feel somewhat like a comedian today and wanted to give you a break from my ultra serious side.

A good laugh is healthy for the soul now isn’t it? Lol!

And I’m just trying to give you all a funny conversation starter for the weekend! I can hear it now: “Girl! I ran across this dude Scurv online and the stuff he says is off da’ CHAIN…………! Lol!

Now let’s talk some logic. If most men would cheat physically if given the opportunity, and if action follows thought, then if the majority of men who have cheated have fallen weak after constant thoughts of indulging with another.  So chances are that even the men who NEVER cheated on their spouse might have had it cross their mind!

There are those men who are comfortable just fantasizing and flirting but never acting on it. They most often also refuse the women who offers an outside rendezvous if the opportunity presented itself, but this category of men are common and do exist! Is your man one of them?

Strip joints, Titty bars,  Peep shows, Phone sex lines, Camming on the computer………there are many outlets for this type of man to get his erotic mental groove on and say in the back of his mind that he didn’t cheat because he wasn’t ACTUALLY with another woman. But if he felt there wasn’t anything wrong with it then why does he move about into this activity in a secretive manner?

You never hear a man say to his wife: “Honey, I discovered this really nice Topless Bar down in the warehouse district the other night when I was driving around looking at the half naked prostitutes after I got off from work late, looks like a great place to grab a few drinks and get horny looking at some strange tits! Wanna come with me?”

You will NEVER hear that! Unless you both are swingers or have an open relationship! But if you as a man even THINK you can repeat something like that to a sister then first make sure that there are know sharp objects in the room that she can grab and DO call the ambulance about 20 minutes before you attempt to foolishly utter those last words!

I just don’t see the joy in going to a titty bar intoxicated to stare at some strange womans breasts while parting with my hard earned cash!

Maybe I’m a strange dude or something but some accepted male ritualistic herd mentality indulgences seem to be a complete waste of time!

Why is it that SOME men walk around with a prefabricated template of what they enjoy intimately & inflict their lusts on their poor woman?

Its not about what they BOTH enjoy in their explorations but what daunting tasks he wants HER to do whether shes comfortable with it or not!

He’s not thinking about you!

Then he will get angry after a crude barbaric requests were refused and uses this rejection as a justification to roam the earth aroused in search of carnal relief!

He’s REALLY not thinking about you! You need to discreetly follow him out sometimes!

These cavemen arrive home to their innocent and unsuspecting mates only to use them like sperm receptacles in reaction to what aroused them abroad!

He ain’t thinking about you! Stop being in denial!

And here she is happily thinking that he’s passionate for her only while the stray image in his mind is the driving force in his viagra induced super charged libido!

He ain’t thinkin’ about you! You better investigate!

She feels desired and tells her girlfriends how much he can’t keep his hands off of her but is unsuspecting to the fact that what he’s doing with her from his end mentally is a merely a step above a crude masturbation session!

He ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you! Let’s get real!

For years on end so many women feel they’re in a balanced, loving relationship when in fact they are merely A GLORIFIED FRICTION PROVIDER!!!!!!!

He ain’t thinkin’ about you! It’s time to wisen up and get smart!

She thinks she keeps him happy and supremely satisfied  but doesn’t realize their “lovemaking” is intensified only after his secret trips to the mall to gaze at other women’s booties or his undercover porn laced online visits right there at home!

He ain’t paying you NO MIND! You better wake up!

For years many couples like this are together physically but in reality dwell in totally different worlds and haven’t the slightest clue of their lack of a real connection!

How sad indeed.

And the tired old charade continues undetected as the decades roll by………

But every now and then we come home to turn on the local evening news and find yet another husband decapitated, castrated or killed by their wife and the neighbors, wondering how this tragedy occurred, almost always act as though something like that could never happen in THEIR neighborhood.

But yes!

It will happen again and again not only in your neighborhood but mine too! Because every smiling couple that you see in the mall, the store, by the red light in the car next to you, at church, down the block and at the doctors office because these types of unions are EVERYWHERE! And although it might not ever end up in a fatal tragedy once the truth is found out, it all could have been avoided if there was TRUE communication and constant status checks as the relationship developed.

I would love to hear your feelings on this issue and hope you enjoyed the blog and had a laugh! See you tomorrow God willing! PEACE!

Lance Scurvin

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Rebecca Scott
November 14, 2011 6:23 AM

For all you women out there slacking and thinking you have your man on lock, I know quite a few birds willing to pay him a conjugal visit. The same things you did to get him, you have to do to keep him.

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