Ladies Beware: If you go to bed with a man that is dumb, you will wake up a little more stupid! If you are “100″….and he is an “80″…..if you have sex with him, YOU will then wake up as a “90!”

You average out with your company!

So keep on opening yourself to men who have no drive, no goals, no hunger for a higher awareness and knowledge! Keep on sleeping with people who are infested with all types of strange demons and tangled issues. You will inherit them surely!

You may say: But his “manhood” feels so good!….His manhood is NOT in his erection sweetheart. His manhood is in his abiltiy to secure you and give you the peace of mind in this world that you don’t have now! And chances are if you DO have peace of mind and security, it’s because you went out and got it for yourself!

You have had to be the man and the woman by yourself TOO yourself.

That’s why it’s so easy to tell him that you can do bad all by yourself! Isn’t that what you say? It’s true! That’s why you have more satisfaction and less hassle dealing with a battery operated plastic “BULLET” at night than having to deal with a lazy, lying man who can’t really do anything for you much after the cheap QUICK unsatisfying sex act is completed!

He doesn’t know how to hold you, doesn’t know how to righteously and effortlessly seduce you the way you crave deep down in your soul. He doesn’t know how to bring out the freak in you because he can’t honor the lady that you are. How come so many men want the desert before the actual meal?

How would I look sitting down at grandma’s house and refusing the meal and going straight for the banana pudding? She would smack me across the head! And that’s what half of you women should do when these musty breath goons get up in your face, talkin’ ’bout “they “wanna holla at cha’!”……Well let them go “holla” for a job! Let them go “holla” at the bill collector and pay a few of them bills you have up on the dresser in your bedroom!

But nooooo!

Some of you get weak late at night and “leave the door cracked” for him to bring his unproductive self into your bedroom and you give him YOUR desert! So why in the hell would he want to deal with the meal? The meal of responsibilty! The meal of monogamy! The meal of taking care of that household, cleaning and cooking too when you come home from work tired!

No! Why should he?

You are bent over half asleep like an all you can eat “booty buffet” for him to devour….Now if he is doing the right thing by you then have fun baby! But if he is not, then get up, throw him out and grab that bullet if you have to! Put yourself to sleep and avoid the drama! ‘Cause half the time when he IS behind you pumping away and enjoying your splendid backside, he is probably thinking about some other stray woman that he saw at the mall earlier anyway! He is just taking it out on you! TELL me I ain’t right!

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