Ladies Don’t Get Caught Up: Please Investigate Your Potential Mate!

Some of you single brothers should leave a women alone if you have nothing to “bring to the pot.”…It truly amazes me when I see a beautiful intelligent sister who has worked so very hard for the things she has achieved and has sacrificed many years to accomplish the wonderful status she now enjoys only to get involved with a “dead weight no good spiritually draining pimp mentality possessing “do nothing” type of man!”…

The new relationship “bliss” stage only lasts but for so long until you begin to get hit with the true reality that should have been looked into from DAY ONE!!!…And I am not condoning being with any man JUST for his ample financial status alone…If he is ambitious, lives a clean life with no bad habits and is willing to build with you from scratch equally then God Bless You!….You have a good thing! But what about these irresponsible unstable “charmers” with drop dead gorgeous looks who actually weigh more than their credit score?…HUH?…What about these guys out here who look good in the club but have more toes than teeth?…LOL!

A real man has vision! A real man seeks to secure his women! A real man is always “righteously” scheming to make reality BETTER for you, him and the family! A real man just CAN’T sit down and take the easy route through life’s challenges! If he can’t enhance your life, then he should GET TO STEPPIN’!…PLEASE!

If you get involved with someone you must INVESTIGATE them. YES! And don’t think that you should casually do it on the sly….tell him up front because you want to know EVERYTHING about him and then you will do your own intensive check on his damn background! There is NO time to waste with all these diseases running around here, rising inflation with the ever rising high cost of living!

Run his social security number!

Run that license! (And you know you have drama if he doesn’t even have a license! Chase those types away ON THE SPOT and save yourself a fat headache!) If a brother has NOTHING to worry about or nothing to hide then he will be an open book for you!

All of this is on the premise that he is gainfully employed!…Gainfully employed with a few legal side “hustles” that bring in even more cash! Isn’t your life, hard earned assets and good sweet blissful toe curling loving worth that? And you think this is too harsh???…Thinking that you might scare “Mr. Right” away? NOOOOO!!! Nothing could be further from the truth!

If he has nothing to hide then he would be glad and even PROUD to show you the righteous footprints that his choices have left in the sands of his life! What this does is show this man that he has a GOOD catch in you! …It shows him that NO man can have you fast & easy and that to GET quality you have to BE quality!…

Doesn’t Oprah, Donald Trump and a ton of other “well to do” prosperous individuals have the same 24 hours in their day that you do? Wonder how they get so much done? You don’t see them wasting their time with non motivated people do you! Most of them are UP in the morning early having already accomplished more than many of us could have ever executed in a week when many of us are rubbing the slimy goo out of the corner of our eyes late in the morning talking about “I don’t feel like going into work today, I wish I could hit the lottery soon!”

So why in the heck would you want to give yourself to a man who will bring you down! I don’t know about you but I want to go UP! And this works both ways! Fellas, stop getting involved with these women who have no agenda JUST because they give good head and are a freak in bed!

There has got to be more than just sex in a relationship!…Because when life’s storms hit your life, mere sex is NOTHING compared to the true piece of mind and total contentment that come from a loving committed God centered relationship! Think about it!

Lance Scurvin

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