Ladies: How are You Going To Let That Drugged-Out Funky Little Cross-Dressing Dude Who Is Selling Himself On The Corner Enjoy His “Femininity” More Than You?

Recently I’ve gotten myself into the much healthier routine of waking up a little earlier and getting right out into my yard to enjoy some of the benefits and life giving qualities that come from drinking in the hot Florida sun.

Just months earlier I was the poster boy for all things unhealthy even though I have a background, history and knowledge of how to take better care of myself. The low point came when during a routine checkup my doctor hit me with the sad reality of what has become of my health.

She told me that I was terribly overweight (And still am but getting better thank God!) and if I kept up the unbalanced manner in which I executed my life I would cut it short by decades and would probably end up being a full fledged diabetic as I was approaching the status of actually being a doorway diabetic at that very moment!


Not me!

I thought back to all of my younger years in which I was the perfect picture of health after maintaining the strictest exercise and diet regimens as a person who did bodybuilding competitively and now I was just another unhealthy middle aged man whose best days were behind me according to the current health status from the bad habits that I was to take the blame for allowing! No way was I going to go out like that and I made up my mind at that very moment to turn the tide around in my favor!

When I was a teenager I swore that I would never allow myself to get into the sad condition that I saw those other older men get into because of the lack of knowledge and effort to maintain themselves. But you know what? I became THAT very guy to whom I swore that I would never become! I knew better than that!

But knowing and doing are two different things and because I took my youth for granted and felt that I had enough of a foundation to ride out in life on because of my competitive trophy winning bodybuilding days I fell into the trap of having a false sense of security thinking that I didn’t have to maintain myself like the others around me.

This is what I have noticed with those who were known to excel in the physical department of our younger years over our peers at the time. It’s almost like seeing that high school beauty queen decades later and wondering what happen to all of the alluring physical charms that she wore “oh so well” so long ago.

It’s the same thing that happened to me.

I had a vitamin D deficiency from not getting enough sun! Imagine that! I’m in the Sunshine State yet I am not getting enough sun! Well staying up late at night online doing my work and waking up late to go to work will do it. I was not eating the right foods at all and because there were so many ultra obese people who worked around me it made me feel as though I was the slim guy out of the pack. Sure, I am very strong, but having great strength and the ability to lift heavy objects or to defend yourself well does not mean that your body is working at its intended efficiency.

Well, I have surely turned things around now and have made a point to do my blogging (I still do a little work in the wee hours, but not as much!) after waking up when my mind is fresh under the hot sun Au Natural! In other words, NUDE…….NAKED! Yes, I said it! I am getting the maximum exposure to the sun everyday after waking up, why not? I have a huge yard that I made private by install six foot PVC fencing all around!

Why wait for a two week period that only comes once a year on most of these demanding jobs to have one’s vacation time? I have a little (Not a little but HOURS!) vacation time everyday and when I am heading into work it’s like I just came back from some exotic location on the other side of the world! So when I see the unhealthy, pale, fat and frustrated people out here who have nothing else but negativity spewing out in the every syllable I do understand why. They are “off” in their mind/body/spirit alignment and most do not even know how to get out of that vicious cycle that siphons all joy from their lives and renders them ineffective in everything that they do. So now when they approach me in a negative manner I understand it more so and do my best to avoid them like the plague!

Not that I feel as though I am better than anyone but my choice to live a better life the way my Creator intended is what is in my heart to do now. You, I or anyone can make the choice to live on a higher plane, I can surely tell you that it makes EVERY moment of your life so sweet no matter where you find yourself! At home, at work, taking a walk or dealing with a disgruntled public makes no difference when you walk in the Holy Spirit!

That being said, when I woke up this morning I happened to turn on the television (Only for the purpose of skimming the various news stations to see if there is something that I can write about or meditate on, but for never more than two or three minutes guaranteed!) and lingered on the first channel that the television was set to. It was The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, (Excuse me for not recalling the names of the other co-hosts but remember, I just woke up! LOL!) and they had Oprah’s lifetime buddy Gayle King on for a few moments.

Something sat me down and made me not change the channel so as I observed her interact with the others on the View it dawned on my how beautiful she was at the age of fifty-six! Yes, I know that she had a little makeup on and that her hair was done as well as wearing a sexy designer dress with a pair of mismatched designer heels (I tweeted about that on the spot, ladies, you all need to do that this week!), but taking those components into consideration I would have to say that she looked FABULOUS! You see, it wasn’t the outer pizzazz that she had due to the backstage professionals who were on board to make her look as good as she looked, but it was something about her unseen to the naked eye inner core that did it for me. It was so much more than the superficial…….

What it made me see and what it inspired me to say, especially to the ladies who follow the Scurv blog is that it is NEVER too late to enjoy yourself as a woman! Walk as the principled lady that you are no matter what adversities that you may face, know that God will pull you through and He will NEVER demand that you EVER have to do anything that is undignified to achieve your personal victory!

Even if you don’t own any designer shoes, WALK LIKE THE LADY THAT GOD MADE YOU TO BE!

Even if you can’t afford a trip to that swanky neighborhood beauty salon, know that the knowledge that dwells in your head is more alluring and attractive to the world than a mere hairstyle that lays ON YOUR HEAD! There is nothing worse than seeing a well adorned physically attractive woman open her mouth and show the world that she is an ignorant undignified fool! A BIG turn off!

Even if you don’t have anything else except that well worn church dress that you have been forced through a challenged economic sacrifice to wear more than you would have liked, keep it cleaned, ironed and step like you are the Child of God that the Creator ensured that you will always be and is due to receive the blessings of the universe in due time as long as you hold on, keep the faith and never compromise your salvation! Walk tall Sister! and when I say sister on ANY and EVERY one of my blog articles I mean my Black sisters as well as my White Sisters, my Latino Sisters, my Indian and native American Sisters!

Y’all know that I love you!

You all are the reason that this life is as sweet as it is because you all are the gifts of God to us men who are designated to knock the world out for you to place its riches at your feet because of the love, comfort and support that you give to us!

So any righteous man would want to see his woman take care of herself, love herself and indulge the little girl in herself when she wants to play dress up and make even a trip outside to take out the garbage a fashion runway statement! Live! Enjoy! Indulge! Understand that it really doesn’t take any money to have that righteous “attitude” to tell the world that you ARE the SHIT! (Hey, sorry to get “IG-nant” in my expressions but SOMEONE is feeling these words right now! Can I get an amen?)

You know, one evening when I was at the red light on the bus waiting for it to change (It was one of those forever lights! LOL! And I had to pee too! I thought it would NEVER change!), I noticed a young man walking down the street on the infamous Orange Blossom Trail (If you don’t know about it, then ask someone from Orlando who does! LOL!) who happened to be in full drag!

Now, you couldn’t tell him that he was a bedazzling spectacle of pristine womanhood to behold. He had the walk. He had the swagger. He had the ATTITUDE of confidence that I see many of our Sister lacking and this dude wasn’t even a WOMAN! No, I am not about to come out with any Eddie Murphy-like confession of being into that type of lifestyle but I learned a lot from what I saw that afternoon from the manner in which it hit me and to tell the truth it wasn’t the first that I saw this manifestation of the cross-dressing lifestyle, but it was a lesson that I thought I should share with my female friends out here in cyber-space.

Look at him, here he is a damn MAN enjoying the outward joys of all that is female while there are too many of my beautiful Sisters who refuse to delve into their inner and outer beauty because of some circumstance that they feel is holding them back! Let me tell you, that dude on Orange Blossom Trail here in Orlando Florida was STEPPING! You couldn’t tell him that the traffic didn’t stop for him! You couldn’t tell him that every man (Not every, but unfortunately I noticed a few of my male passengers in the rear view mirror looking a bit TOO hard at him!) wasn’t salivating at the form that he presented! LOL!

But if the truth be told, this guy was dirty looking, the dress he had on was tattered and old and the heels that he wore looked as though they were white at one time but were now a dirty bone color from dragging across the gritty terrain of the ghetto streets…….but he didn’t communicate this in his attitude and aura of confidence!

So! I don’t care ladies if you are skinny! WORK IT!

I don’t care if the world calls you fat! WORK IT like a DIVA!

I don’t care if your man puts you down every single day God sends, hold your head up high and flaunt it like the Queen that you are! Just do me one favor, get on the phone when you are home alone with him and “let” him here you telling an imaginary (He doesn’t have to know that no one is on the other end of the phone! LOL!) girlfriend how this guy kept following you and telling you how beautiful you are! Ain’t nothing wrong with a little mind game every now and then to keep a Brother on his toes! He has got to know that if your credit in his emotional bank “ain’t” good no more then there are plenty of banks out there that are so very willing to service your loan as well as a few “other” things at that! LOL! And you know I ain’t lying either!

But like the fine example that was Gayle King this morning on The View, know that your time as a beautiful creation fashioned by the very hands of God is never over, it never expires and never has a limited shelf life.

You just have to constantly embrace the truths of your life as it will always sustain you and preserve you through the personal trials and tribulations that are sure to come. Just think of it this way, are you going to allow the bad relationship that has its days numbered or that stressful job situation tear you down for those future realities and blessings that are written in stone for you by God and are destined to come? NO!

So make sure to always preserve yourself for the next day and always remain cognizant that there is a God who is more powerful than any obstacle that has been allowed to temporarily block your path. Make the choice to be the conqueror that you are and hold on tight to what you know to be right in line with divine law and know that you are already the victor!

But in the meantime just like that funky little cross-dresser that could NEVER be one percent (You couldn’t tell HIM that though! LOL!) always put a little twist in that tee shirt that you are wearing or pick a flower from that garden down the road (They won’t miss it!) to put in your hair to show the world that no matter what I am going through, I love myself, my world, my God and everyone around around me because I am a QUEEN!

Now get up and look in the mirror and repeat those words and make a point of turning your world into a fashion runway by the way you step! Be careful now, you just might create a movement!

P.S: Let me give a shout out to my Sisters in Christ, Hip Hop Illuminati Author Ms. Rebecca Scott, and Spoken Word Artist/Divine Intercessor Mizante’. These are two special women to whom I have the utmost respect for and have drawn inspiration from the battles that they have been blessed to enjoy victory over in their lifetimes. Rebecca, as you well know, has been a guest (Guest? How can you be a guest in your OWN house? LOL!) on the Lance Scurv Talk Show and Mizante is a constantly in demand presence on my YouTube channel. I don’t think that they would mind me saying that they have graciously crossed over the half century mark and I must also say that they have done so in such a fashion that would put most worldly women who are MORE than half their age  to shame! They are as fine as ever!

What’s the difference?

It’s because they have submitted to the One who has created the Heavens and the Earth!  They are a constant reminder to me that true beauty has no expiration date as the beautiful sunsets that we all experience have been around for countless millions of years! And I don’t hear anyone saying that the things of creation don’t look good anymore because they have gotten old! So you better recognize…….

Leave your comments in the box below, I would love to hear your feedback on these words. Love ya!

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