Ladies: You Don’t Need That Deadbeat Dreamkiller Of A Mate Blocking Your Way To Live A Productive Fulfilling Victorious Life!

The title of this post may come as a surprise to many but I am realizing so much more in this life as I learn the lessons that only

time can bring. When i wrote these words I seem to be speaking to someone out here in a very specific manner, I don’t know who it may be, but I know that this was put on my heart for you to hear. I hope it will sooth you…….

I am one who is pro family in the most traditional sense of the word, even though I speak frequently on those sneaky dysfunctions that lurk abundantly in most families and corrupt the natural flow and God given joys that those institutions are supposed to bring so effortlessly.

But in addition to being one who believes in the traditional situations, I also believe that those pairings just may not be for everyone’s lifestyle and personality.

So many people that I know are so very miserable because they have taken on a mate that silently sabotages the peace of mind that they would usually have if they weren’t in a relationship with that hinderance of an entity sucking down the lifeforce out of their lives.

And it’s sad to say that most of the time these covertly positioned, negative based dream killing so called husbands, wives and fiancés go literally undetected for years and have destroyed dreams, aspirations and potential personal dynasties.

How terrible!

Do you know why we put up with this crap in our relationships? It’s because somewhere deep down inside we just do not believe in ourselves enough to step out and pursue the type of life that we secretly crave so intensely!

We begin to feel terribly afraid that unless we have someone or just plain old ANYONE by our side, tht we are doomed to fail an are not worthy of achieving a well rounded fulfilling and productive life! And it’s these very deep rooted an literally undetected feelings that a predator entity can “smell” from miles away!

Haven’t you ever caught yourself saying to yourself in your thoughts or under your breath when seeing an obviously unequally yoked couple in public that “what in the world possessed HER to get involved with a man like HIM?” It works both ways now, it could be a man with a woman who for whatever reason appears to be “below” what we might expect for him.

Not please don’t get on my case for saying it like this because the surface appearance may not be indicative of the person on the inside that they truly are or a fair gauge of their true character. I know this. But we ALL have an intuition to know when things are imbalanced and most of us out here have thought that same thing to ourselves. I have just happened to admit that I do it…….

Many are trapped in bad relationships that help to keep them in this negative mindset of low self esteem because it benefits the negative entity to do so because usually it’s the person with the low self esteem taking care of the spiritual leech financially or possesses some type great talent or potential from within.

This is not written in stone as far as finances are concerned but is usually the case, and if it is not a monetary leeching there is usually some intangible asset that the bloodsucker sees some kind of value in the victim.

It could be that the victim has an overwhelming amount of potential to succeed in a certain field or endeavor which presents a threat to the bully in this relationship so he or she will constantly put them down so that they will not begin to believe in themselves and eventually break the grasp of oppression that their mate has on their life.

It could that the oppressed party in this union has an extreme natural beauty, they might notice that before every shopping trip to the mall or the supermarket that their husband or boyfriend (Again, the man in the relationship can also be the victim but I believe it happens more to our women!) will become aggitated and attempt to provoke an argument because deep down inside he knows that his spouse/girlfriend will receive many appreciative looks, glances or maybe even compliments on her beauty with thwarts his campaign to keep her constantly in doubt about how nicely she appears. Now with that being said it could be just about anything.

One way of testing your mate to see if heir she is in possession of some type of feeling to keep you feeling down about your life is to

exude a grand level of confidence in the area of your life that you suspect that he is trying to put you down in.

If you suspect that he is attempting to keep your esteem low in the area of your looks, then let him “overhear” you speaking to that

“imaginary friend” on the phone telling them that it felt so good to receive the compliment on how nice you looked the other day at the church service. Watch soon that day if he launches an increased attack on your esteem directly or indirectly. He might even come to compliment you himself as an attempt to force you to drop your guard in order to brutally smash you later on once you are open to attack with no defenses up to protect you.

You really have to ask yourself WHY are you with this person. You really have to break the hold that they have on your life and find out exactly where their grip is on you and in what area are they manipulating you in. You must seek outside help and when you do so do NOT let this negative entity know a damn thing!

There are so many simple pleasures in this life out here for you to enjoy as well as the victories that accompany personal growth and development in all three facets of you being on this level. Break it down and look within, are you stagnant in your spiritual life? Are you failing in your physical upkeep? Are you mentally in a rut and not growing or learning as you wish? If you are successful in any one of these areas are you suffering in the other two? Is there balance in your life between these three facets?

As you can see, there is so much to deal with from within even aside from having to deal with the power struggles that an oppressive mate brings to the table. It is challenging enough to strive successfully to achieve your personal goals with all of the obstacles that we have in this life to overcome. It is not impossible at all and is really rather easy when you are aligned and focused living a God centered life, but many our here in the world with great talents, potential and skills let them go to waste because of a person that has wormed their way into your life who has a personal hidden agenda to keep you stuck without any chance for an ascension into the excellence that God has planned for you.

Don’t be one of these people who will live in the past thinking of their wasted potential of what they “could” have down in life. Shake the dead weight mate, declare your independence from him and shout from the mountaintops that you ONLY need your heavenly Father as your complete source and begin that long glorious march toward a life of victorious living and divine achievement and shine on in victory regardless of the snakes that lurk in your midst!

Banish that serpent and vanish all doubts to claim what God has for you!

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