Ladies: You Must Have Your Own!

Here is my response to a comment from someone left on my Facebook page stating that they did not like the name of my video blog entitled:

“Ladies, You Must Always Have Your Own & Never Depend On A Man!”…….:

“Encouraging independence in a woman is never a bad thing. It buffers, protects and empowers her from any potential abuse that she might not have seen coming her way. This is what I teach my daughters and would never EVER desire to see them in a position of forced subservience due to their lack of resources on ANY level! I really do not care who doesn’t like that I teach this to them as if it is good enough for them then it’s good enough for the masses!”

“As I said before in the proceeding videos, I will zero in on specific issues that I feel are pertinent or reader/viewer suggested. Yes, there are many sides to the various subjects, but this is why we have the comment box supplied so that everyone can add their views in an uncensored manner! Yes, there ARE many no good women out here that may not be worthy of the best of your love and attention but this is an investment of the heart where WE have complete control and MUST utilize the proper “HEAD” before taking the plunge. Otherwise, we may end up very bitter in the end.”

But after thinking into that particular subject matter even deeper afterward, I decided to write a little more about it extensively and
present it in this blog……:

I believe that for a relationship to truly be spectacular as it was meant to be, both parties must find themselves fully developed in all
areas in their lives unto themselves separate from the mate. If either one of the parties desire for the other to be handicapped in any
crucial area of their life forcing dependence on that individual then I would have to question the hidden motivations of that one who
doesn’t desire for them to realize their full God given potential.

You see, there are some of us who cannot love someone unless that someone is in need of what that person can provide or doesn’t have equal access to the resources for themselves independently away from their mate.

Sounds like a control freak to me…….

Now this can go either way in the relationship as there are many women who find themselves in the position of being in control financially and otherwise but for the sake of this blog since I started out by speaking about women who need their own I will keep it that way.

Do not attempt to color me as some kind of male basher who is kissing up to the ladies here. It’s no hidden fact that it’s women who are the majority of who follow my expressions here but the reason why they do so is because I always shoot straight from the hip and keep things upfront and brutally honest. But I do love everyone and will call it exactly as I see it fairly, but I have to stress that men have traditionally enjoyed the upper hand over women in relationships and many cannot handle it since for many the tide has changed and the shoe is on the other foot!

And in the next few days I WILL speak on some of the things that I have witnessed some scheming women do under the radar, but for those of you who know me, you know that I am not demonizing every woman. Heck! I LOVE women! So how could I smear something that I am made to

That being said, it’s not every man who may be a control freak in trying to commandeer access to every aspect in a relationship that
grants power and control. There are many good men out here, many women must replace the scratched up dirty spectacles from which they view the world to enable them to see this true fact.

But from what I see, there are many men who have been hurt in the past and have made up their minds that they must have complete control over the relationship on a multitude of levels and the main one is the financial department.

These men in particular know that if you are unable to afford to buy a loaf of bread on your own that you are pretty much stuck and not able to go too far much less leave!

While many ladies would readily give up their potential positioning in life of the goal of total financial independence for the chance to live “work-free” while having all of their bills paid by a man in a relationship while they get their beauty sleep, many do not realize
that they have given up so much more than their ability for personal financial gain and independence as they over time will have literally retarded their ability for personal growth.

Then they find their lifestyles being subtly threatened when they attempt to execute and independent thought or actions that is not
approved by their husband/mate.

You will begin to feel cramped and if you still possess an unbroken spirit you will not enjoy the lifestyle that you are now provided with no matter how lavish because you will now see that the human spirit always needs something to strive for to maintain its own balance and happiness. The sense of personal achievement will never be experienced and enjoyed by someone who has always had things handed to them on a silver platter…….and that fact stands in all situations beyond the scope and subject matter of this Scurv blog.

THAT my friend is a universal TRUTH!

In today’s world that somewhat elusive sense of stability and security seems to be more and more a thing of the past. The unstable job market. The unpredictable nature of the housing market. A country at war. Rising gas prices and more documented cases of nervous breakdowns than ever before have turn these present years that many of us thought would truly be our golden years and happy times into the most frightening and uncertain times of our lives for too many.

And while I always say that you must tap into the “God in you” to extract that inner joy and peace of mind I will also say that one
should always strive to provide that sense of security for themselves that the world has always put on a man’s shoulders to produce.

I don’t mean this in a bad way when I state that it was always put “on a man’s shoulders” as I am not disgruntled but do know that to do this is damn near impossible in this day and age with our economic landscape dried up more than a turkey left in the oven to long

In a perfect world I believe this is the way it should be but this world is not what our Creator planned for us as we as a people have
transgressed the natural and divine laws and have turned this beautiful place into quite a mess!

So therefore ladies, since you now understand this I urge you to take you time and move slowly and surely into your own peace of mind and your own sense of security while still keep your peripheral vision open for that potential mate that God made for you while not missing a beat on the road to personal progress.

By doing it this way your life will be so much more happier as you will have not only the feeling of achievement every single day of your life but will enrich your spirit with a God given joy that will bring you overwhelming happiness over and above anything that could ever be handed to you conditionally!

So let’s get to work ladies to strive, to dream and to LIVE!

If YOU can create the beautiful children that you have colored to terrain of the earth with beautifully, then doesn’t it make sense that
you can also produce a reality that is THAT much more beautiful than it is presently? You have it in you, do not let anything stand in your way!  And the funny thing is as you make the commitment to make your life better for yourself instead of waiting for a controlling man to provide the mere trinkets for you that may be far less than you deserve anyway, that good God fearing righteous man will appear to you literally out of nowhere because he liked what he saw in you when you didn’t even know he was watching!

Positivity breeds positivity!

If your spirit needs a boost, you know you can always drop your Brother Scurv a line! Let’s make a change!


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