Lance Scurv’s Wonderful Night In A Barroom Brawl!

Just when you may think that you are just TOO old for certain particular scenarios, those very situations are brought right to you and placed at your feet! The ironic part about it is that as soon as you feel that it could never happen, it does. Life can be so very unpredictable and fate can play a trick on you with its spontaneity so you always have to be on point.
On this lovely evening America’s Most Outspoken Artist, yours truly, was working at one of many jobs (I wear MANY hats!) at a club located in the tourist district right here in Orlando Florida.

My boss at this particular employ, Lee, is a long time close friend of mine and he was present to oversee that the event that we were providing security for ran smoothly.

Lee and I also celebrated 10 years of intense friendship as we met this time in May of 2001 after I first relocated from New York City and was looking for a job as I found my way knowing no one at the time in the “City Beautiful.”

Well, as always, after the event was coming to a close, there were a few drunk guys who couldn’t understand that it was time to leave. The combination of alcohol, huge egos and an audience full of miniskirts 10 inches too short will always do the trick to make men “act a fool!” LOL!

Now how is it that I found myself in the epicenter of this testosteronized explosion of negative energy? Life comes at you fast my friend and you must ALWAYS be prepared!

After sitting at home nursing a busted left knee and swollen left ankle I realized that am not in the shape that I used to be in, but at 48 years old, the main culprit who was locked in struggle with me is in much worse shape even though he spotted me by about 50 pounds in weight, was taller and had to be half my age!

While I couldn’t hold the camera while we got down and dirty (You all really missed it! LOL!) , take my word for it, it was not I who left the premises with a split head spewing blood all over the place! I need not say anymore! LOL!

But violence is NOT the answer but he left me no other options. I would much rather be home writing or drawing than to be in a senseless struggle with a few strangers who will wake up in the morning and not have a clue as to why they are all busted up! Who needs it? Like Michael Jackson said, “I’m a lover NOT a fighter!”

But unlike our well missed Brother Michael, if pushed physically, I WILL get all up in that ass if I have to!” Enjoy this piece and know that as I attempt to hold down more jobs than the total population of a small city…….I work HARD for the money!


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