LanceScurv Photos – And Who Says There Isn’t a God?

While traveling back from a weekend getaway at a St. Pete Florida beach resort and very much in the mood to drive aimlessly, I found myself in Celebration Florida at an area that featured restaurants, shops and a small lake that was a gathering area for those who love all things nature.

Well, I found a reason to dust off my camera when I ran across a very friendly and curious bird who did not mind being the center of attention in order to show its “Diva” like attributes to all who would indulge. That being said, I got into the picture taking fever and snapped away!

But the catch with this perfectly snapped photo that caught a very intimate exchange between man and animal, but there was an overlooked onlooker who had a few thoughts of his own that may not have coincided with the festivities that he observed merely a few feet away!

Who, what and where was this onlooker who enjoyed the photo-shoot just as much as everyone else even though he most likely had plans of his own?

.......and WHO says there isn't a God?

Well look at the small unfocused “dot” in the water between the happy bird and the jovial photographer and you will see what everyone present saw! If you can’t tell WHAT it was than I suggest that you view the photo below which was taken moment after the above shot and was amplified so that you can see the mystery presence for yourself.

Amazing isn’t it?

It sure goes to show you that even when we are involved in our own form of joy and bliss, danger has a way of sometimes lurking not to far away! Keep your eyes open at all times and NEVER allow your happiness to blind you and make you oblivious to what may be in your midst during your heightened feelings of general well being!

Feel free to share this page and the lesson in it with everyone that you know!

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June 6, 2013 1:46 PM

Don’t know how you guys in Florida live everyday next to Alligators. It’s crazy

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