LanceScurv Rants On Living Out Of The Box, Cowardly Haters & Women As The Weaker Vessels!

Tuesday is the roughest day in my work schedule. While I hear others complain so much about their jobs and how draining it may be, they would lose their mind if they had to keep up with my self inflicted self imposed schedule.

It can get tiring and monotonous at times, but that feeling is quite rare because in my hobby here online, I am free to express myself wholeheartedly without any boundaries no matter who may agree or disagree!

Now isn’t that just wonderful?

Of course it is! Because most people are living in a box where they are bound to acting as a member OF that box and behaving according to what that boxes rules are!

If they happen to switch boxes, then they have to learn an entirely new set of rules. If they attempt to abandon the reality of a particular box and fail, they must be punished by the laws of that box as well as having the spotlight put on them to be made an example to all others in that oppressive box who may secretly have the thought of bolting out of it and be made to be subservient by the overseers of that boxes system.

Living Out Of The Box

That being said, I am a member of many so called boxes in this society but I have the balls to speak my mind knowing that all of my fellow box members creep up on my blog to absorb what I’m saying while wishing that they had the guts to do what I do!

Some love it, some hate it.

I can tell you that I know of those who do and hate it because they just don’t know HOW to act around me! They get fidgety and nervous acting, because they have so much to say about my audacity as an outspoken Black man who is a member of their box but turn into cowards when around me.


…….because if they had something to say to me I wouldn’t be nasty, but I would respond in the same calm sure manner that I blog in. But they couldn’t handle that because they couldn’t handle my logic because I am very comfortable with my views and do not switch out like so many others when they are in the company of those who rule their respective boxes!

I wasn’t born to be subservient to another human being as though they are God. I will say that I will always be subservient to my Brother’s and Sister’s if they are lovers of truth and what is right according to the laws of our Creator. But to sit up here and live my life in an emasculated state because of the fear of losing some position that depends on me leaving my manhood at the door has GOT to be crazy!

I walk as a free man where ever I go and tolerate absolutely NO disrespect as well as being just as intense in giving my respect to those who deserve it.

I need no one who desires for me to join them in their PUNKED OUT state of mind and as a matter of fact those types will never have to concern themselves with tolerating my company too much unless the box rules demand that I work along with them for a time because lions hang out with lions and panthers hang out with panthers.

It’s nature.

That’s just the way it is and I cannot deal with anyone who gives of those strange and negative vibes because it is literally torture for me to have to endure that type of punishment!

Some will say I’m straight nuts for speaking the way I do but I believe more people “get me” than they will admit.

This is why for the most part I tend to stay by myself, I just can’t take the games that supposedly intelligent grown people do. Really. It seems like the older I get, the clearer the stupidity in my midst gets and it is not from the young kids as much as you would think but it is from folks who are as old as I am!

And y’all KNOW my ass is turning fifty this coming April (2013) so it is really disappointing to see the insecurities and hangups of my “peers” played out in such an obvious way to me. I have too much to do on a positive and constructive level and just can’t justify playing such childish games with people who probably have nothing in their lives to go after other than sitting at home and getting fat while living on Facebook watching me!

Facebook Addiction

Now don’t get me wrong!

I am online a WHOLE lot and probably on it more so than most. But I have a reason for being here, and that’s not to say that there is anything wrong with going online to visit the social networks to reach out to others to whom are in your inner circles…….nooooo! There is nothing wrong with that at all! But when you begin to live in an imbalanced state then you will surely have problems!

Now everyone’s scales tip a little different because your time online if you are a mother of six working two jobs will be a whole lot different than a single guy of seventeen years who lives at home with his parents and hasn’t a responsibility in the entire world, so there is no one set rule. But intuitively, you SHOULD know when your life is out of whack! LOL!

MEN! What’s going on with you?

I mean, somewhere in the Holy Bible it states that women are the weaker vessel, I don’t know exactly where it is in the Bible but I will trust my memory and roll with it.

That being said, let’s say that the “weaker vessel” statement is correct, now so many chauvinistic men twist those words all out of shape to fit their twisted meaning of what a woman’s position should be to a man but I happen to have a different viewpoint on that statement and I want you to pay attention to this…….

Stocking Tops

For those men who swear that a woman is weaker and ill equipped in the countless fields of endeavor in the world, what is YOUR excuse when these same weaker vessels can hold down two jobs – raise up several kids, waking them up early in the morning, bathing them, feeding them after preparing the food, making sure they are off to school safely, cleaning the home, paying the bills, washing the clothes as well as having very little down time to even think about preparing a romantic evening for you as you complain about not getting “no loving” after she somehow makes your wishes and fantasies come true!

But isn’t it funny that many women as “the weaker sex” will accomplish all of this and we can’t do half as much but still can’t get our dicks hard?

…….and WE call HER the weaker sex?

Go figure.


I never saw a woman have to take any blue pills to get her groove on even after she does so much!

So we as men have got to get on point because for the most part we are quite well at making ourselves look like rank FOOLS!

…….poppin’ blue pills and you STILL can’t last past 17 humps before you start making faces exhaling that “stank” breath with your eyes rolling up in yo’ head! SHAME ON YOU!

so my wonderful family, I must be moving along to the next task in my never ending life as a master multi-tasker! The saga never ends but I have to thank you all for being that therapist on the couch and saving me a ton of money that would have gone to some worthless endeavor but instead helped me to keep that cash in my pocket so that I can continue to serve YOU!

See you all later at The Spoken Word and Open Mic Show at the LanceScurv Cafe! I am looking forward to having a WONDERFUL time and I want to see you all there!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Unpredictable “Out The Box” Brother,


P.S: I blogged this article with the TV on even though I wasn’t watching it but I have to ask – Is Nancy Grace America’s most pissed off Soccer Mom? Also, I’ve said it before but I have to say it again: Nancy Grace wears the expression of one who is forced to inhale a fart against her will! Just a thought…….

Nancy Grace

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