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Just recently I was searching through my computer and stumbled upon a clip that I thought I’d lost and had meant to post as this personally was a special clip for me. It was a reunion between yours truly and childhood friend Lucius Baston.

Lucius was in town here in Orlando handling some business and dropped me a call to let me know that we could meet up and reconnect after countless years of not sharing each others presence.

It is really something when you haven’t seen a familiar face after so long, the memories flood your brain like a dam that burst or a tsunami that rushed over dry land. That boyhood excitement that can’t be contained which manifests as a laugh that originates so deeply in your soul that seems to take you away from the present state of time back to the simpler times when your childhood was your whole entire world!

That being said I must stress that while many of our peers from back in the days of growing up fell victim to the many obstacles that came our way at the time, there were many unsung heroes who made it through despite those traps that took so many of our buddies down and Lucius Baston is truly a success story that continues to inspire me today every time I think of what God has allowed him to become.

The success that I am talking about is not of the financial variety that most will focus on but the balance that he possesses in his earthly walk and the clarity of purpose. When I see his destiny manifest, I am assured that he has only just begun! How many of us have given up after a few failed attempts into an area of expertise, never to realize what our Creator has in store for us because of our lack of faith?

Lucius gives me that drive to want to get up and righteously attack the world to get what is for me and to make every day count because you just don’t know what good is out there for you until you break the mental shackles of doubt, low self esteem and the negative people that may be around you for the sole purpose of keeping you down.

Lucius Baston and his personal righteous quest to be the best that he can be has affected me greatly and I just wanted to say publicly that I am proud to have his presence in my life LONG before the world has him to enjoy the great gifts that he possesses for the world to appreciate!

He is the real thing and you can take that to the bank because it is ME saying it! LOL! Love you Lucius! Hit me up when you are free!

Please check out the Official Lucius Baston Website at and join his Facebook Fan Club as well as all of his Social Media platforms (These can all be found on his site!) supporting ALL of his efforts!

Check out these clips from his screen performances:

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