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Today was a day to celebrate the transition to the bosom of God of an exceptional man who was known as George Aston Brown. Words cannot express the amount of love and respect shown to this man and the legacy that he left behind on this earth that influenced so many people across all walks of life.

Although I had the chance to meet him only a handful of times, his impression on me nonetheless will leave a permanent imprint on every fiber of my being for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t help but think to myself that I too would want to live my life in the truthful and honorable manner that Mr. Brown has in a life that seemed to be taken too fast for a man who was full of so much life up until the very end of his journey here on this earth.

Aston George Brown

Although it is never about numbers, I have to say that I truly witnessed his charismatic reach by the amount of people who came to show their love to his memory and to the surviving members of his close and extended family and friends. I couldn’t help but ask myself that when my time comes who will be there to remember my legacy. It made me think about the corrections that I need to make in my life so that maybe I could be appreciated to the magnitude of Mr. Aston George Brown.

Yes, we all must go through the time of our physical death but I must say that if ANYONE is Heaven-bound for sure it is truly for Mr. Brown to be there for those who will subsequently be admitted into the pearly gates of Heaven in the afterlife. God bless you Mr. Brown, you have truly affected me and I want you to know that I will never ever forget you and I thank God Himself for nourishing my life with the gift of you!

For all those who were touched by this great man, please leave a few words of appreciation below so that we can use this video as a living testimony of a man who unselfishly gave of himself and always told it like it was out of love!

God bless you Mr. Brown!

May you rest in total PEACE!

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