LanceScurv TV – Charlene Streeter: The Best Things Always Come In Small Unexpected Packages!

This is the very talented Charlene Streeter.

I had the pleasure of meeting her recently in our support for Orlando City Commissioner District 5 Candidate Regina Hill.

Charlene is a very beautiful young lady with the most gentle, supportive and kindest spirit that you could ever imagine being in the presence of.

Once I heard her voice I had to capture it right there in the streets of the often maligned Parramore section of Orlando Florida which made for the perfect backdrop for a talent that could have only been fashioned by the hands of God Himself.

Charlene Streeter

It goes to show you that even in that place that many call the ‘hood, there are raw talents beyond the comprehension of most and should not be judged because of an undeserved reputation that came at the hands of a very much engineered example of gentrification. That’s just my two cents about it…….

Reach out to this amazing woman directly at Streeter

I for one was very blessed to enjoy such an unexpected gift of a talent that truly made me feel very much alive on that beautiful day! Thank you Charlene for sharing that divine boost with us! I know I needed it!


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