LanceScurv TV – District 5 City Commissioner Candidate Regina Hill Speaks To The Residents Of The Parramore Area

When it comes to having a hand on the pulse of what is going on in the community, no one does it better than District 5 City Commissioner Candidate Regina Hill.

Regina Hill is a lifelong resident of this often maligned neighborhood whose residents fear gentrification and it hurts her to the core to see what they have to go through to rise up in the mighty way that she knows they can.

This is why she has begun the early process to put her in the position of being elected as the City Commissioner of District 5 to be able to help those who are near and dear to her heart.

Never one to turn her back on those in need, Regina Hill through her personal successes is a shining example of what hard work, discipline and service to this country can do as she continually encourages those who may possess a downtrodden spirit and a constant sense of hopelessness.

Regina Hill and her Parramore Crew

This is not about the glitz and glitter of the political arena, Regina has, is, and will always do whatever it takes within her power to ensure that the people that she has loved all of her life will have a fighting chance at the American Dream and the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness and not mere pawns to be pushed aside by those disconnected entities who see them as less than deserving of the basic amenities to have a shot at living a good life.

This is the first of many videos that Regina Hill will share with the world so that everyone will understand that this mission will make the difference for someone in need if we all join in with our care, concern, resources and votes.

All that we ask of you in support at this time is that you share this video with all of your friends, colleagues and contacts on the various Social Networking sites.

Until next time God Bless You ALL and do enjoy!

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