LanceScurv TV – Eddie Long Strokes Them & Creflo Dollar Chokes Them!

Once again here at we jumped on the discussion of the Reverend CEO Creflo Dollar’s Domestic Family Violence incident and dug deep into the very points that this situation has spawned. While we may never know what happened in the Dollar household that night, this happening has forced us to ask ourselves some very compelling of our own! This was a promotional video placed on YouTube to bring a larger audience to the show which can be found directly at:

Creflo Dollar Preaching

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  • Anonymous says:

    My daughter in law is cousins with Pastor Dollar I know the true story and I must say if your child or any child did what she did then you would applaud him. I stated this before in my life time I have attended many churches Boston, NY and Miami and encountered many unethical behaviors that went on. but when you have a church that goes out of it's way to show records of where the money goes and how it's spent then at least have a little faith. Pastor Dollar has given away cars to needy family's and has done more than most so for those of you who have never attended his church why don't try going and then maybe God may bless you with what your so envious of what he has. THE DEVIL ALWAYS NEGATIVE , Try being positive sometimes people God would love that.

    • LanceScurv says:

      Wow! It's evident that what I wrote touched a nerve and I must thank you for once again visiting my blog. I must really be on your mind. And while I have absolutely no problem with you expressing yourself in any uncensored manner that you choose, know that I envy no one and never claimed to represent God in any way. I have no title of Pastor but if I speak a truth that resonates in the hearts of many, call it for what it is. Seems to me that YOU might be angry at your situation because if homeboy was as close to me as you claim he is to you, I would be off somewhere riding in a Bentley heading home to my mansion! Go figure.

  • Anonymous says:

    u will be judge for your sin.u cant believe everything the media say.u dumb ass that couldve been u accused of something.instead of u gossip and dont know what hell u talking about.go find your self and play in traffic.find out the truth before ridicule someone.these kids r bad as hell and think they can talk to adult any kind of way.go find yourself.stay out other people business.

    • What kind of student were you in school if I may ask? Did you constantly sleep through your writing class? It shows.

  • Anonymous says:

    you and everyone need to get a life and look at your own sin.youre judging men and women of god but look at your own sin.and ask what u need to change in your life.KIds lie because they cant have their way.she is a child and stay in a child place.get a life lance scurv get your life right with god instead of being everyone business but your own.self righteoues ass.nothing better to do.go hell and leave people alone. dumb ass.get self together.

    • Please, whoever you are, before you get up on my blog with your opinion, PLEASE learn how to spell so that we can at least understand what you are trying to say! And as far as deeming who is and who is not a man or woman of God, just leave your young son over to Eddie Longs house for a sleepover or wait for Creflo Dollar to do the Godly thing and help bail you out of a financial disaster. Either way you won't get any sleep in one situation and you won't get an answer in another! LOL!

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