LanceScurv TV – Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno & The Official Pennsylvania State University Pedophile Committee!

This one really stinks. There is a stench in this story that not only reeks of a twisted unity of perversion but one that is soaked in the very stench from the bottomless pits of hell!

Not only do we have an individual who is under the gun for being accused of something so despicable, but there are now many that have come forward to state their case along the same lines of what Jerry Sandusky is being charged with.

Somebody had to do something!

Somebody had to SEE something.

Yet no one did a damn thing until now and by the looks of things this is going to be one long drawn out affair as it should be!

…….and don’t tell me that these are some sick people because demonic possession and sickness are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

And while we all are tempted to do certain things, CERTAIN things should never cross our minds and if they do then WE need to make the choice to get some help before we hurt an innocent person instead of choosing to break divine law and indulge in something that has repercussions that are felt not only through families, but GENERATIONS!

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