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Loretta is a U.S. Army Veteran that majors in Multi-media television and film productions with a minor in Early Childhood Education from Pikes Peak College in Colorado Springs, Co.

Loretta brought the two together and started a Performing Arts program in various communities. Loretta has traveled around the world residing six (6) years in Europe, spending time in Vicenza, Italy and Lloret De Mar Spain. This is where she gained most of her cultural diversity and her great love for the Fine Arts.

Loretta has also toured a few major cities reaching out to various communities promoting the importance of the Arts in Every community.

The Arts is a true love and passion of Loretta’s. Her passions have also allowed her to jointly form a Non-profit organization supporting Veterans around the world.

Loretta was inspired by Tyler Perry some years back when she wanted to give up on her life and her dreams. She downloaded his Bio and placed it on her wall. It seemed as tho what had worked for him had actually started working for her. She realized that if he had a dream, and didn’t stop because of his situation, then why should she. Now her dreams were to one day meet him and have a sit down conversation with him and explain how she wanted to touch people just like he had, through Stage Plays. Actually after her first Stage play production of Dressed 2 Kill, everyone called her the Female Tyler Perry. Secondly, one of her actors in the stage play, LeAndria Johnson, who won BET’s Sundays Best used her script and did exactly like her part was written and she won. Now LeAndria Johnson is a famous recording Artist of the song, “Jesus”. I know that I have and can continue making a great impact on people in the community.

Loretta is now the President/CEO of Veterans R M.A.D. Inc. she continues to use the performing and fine arts to educate communities around the world about Sylent Screams and how to overcome them.

A Sylent Scream project

A Sylent Scream Isn’t Silent Anymore…Time to Speak OUT!

This is a project that utilizes so many mediums to educate communities of the silent screams that happen in households around the world. It informs the audience that no matter how much you scream on the inside, it may not be heard by others but the cry is indeed heard.

The Stage Play depicts 8 different characters with various situations such as incest, addictions, abuse, neglect, haters, baby momma drama and Pastors that are not as Holy as they should be. Penny is new to the community and tries to fix all the problems alone and in the process it all backfires and she loses everything even the man that she fell in love with. Penny becomes homeless, the talk of the town and wants to end her life; how she gains it back was a story you wouldn’t want to miss.

The A Sylent Scream Soundtrack includes songs from various Artists from around the world. The theme song was written by Mr. Jerry Mathison, Tenacity Counts Music Productions from Bangkok, Thailand. “He and I talked about my screams over the Skype phone. I told him what I was going through and he wrote and produced a song, it’s also titled, A Sylent Scream”.

A Sylent Scream the movie/documentary, this is a project that Jerry and Loretta are working on and is planned to be produced in Thailand.

A Sylent Scream the workshop: a workshop that allows all ages to participate and share in confidence what their screams were about and realize they are not the only one who have/are experiencing them. As they are partnered with others they feel at ease and ready to share. There will be resource personnel on site as well to assist.  Loretta has found that these practices actually worked for her. Loretta is a Domestic Violence survivor.

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