LanceScurv TV – Pastor Paula White: Blessed To Kill? (Part 1 & 2)

Is there shady business going on under the cover of Christianity or just one big misunderstanding?

Here we have the hard hitting logic and irrefutable reasoning of the famed Madamwhipass as she dares to ask the questions that others fear to ask.

Is there really a sordid connection between Pastor Paula White, and her great need for money as her churches in Florida crumble under the weight of financial mismanagement as well as Donald Trump and his urgent Republican need to have the White House rid of a charismatic Democratic President Barack Obama and destroy the support that was his to enjoy in Central Florida from the late Pastor Zachary Tims of the New Destiny Church in Orlando Florida.

How about the Don’s spiritual mentor Paula White’s alleged lust to get her hands on the paid for ministry of Pastor Zak?

Connecting the dots has never been so compelling!

Doesn’t Donald Trump have a huge amount of influence in New York City and possibly could extend that influence to the media in New York as well as the New York City Police Department?

Didn’t pastor Zachary Tims die in a very affluent hotel in midtown Manhattan?


Don’t you think that there just might be a high tech security system in place there as well as that location being loaded with video cameras?

Who might have the power to put a hush on the situation if it benefited them politically?


What about the white powder found on the body of Pastor Tims? Was it tested to find out what it actually was or was it planted so that the public would immediately associate it with his past addictions so that the public would automatically assume that he died from a cocaine overdoes?

Maybe we are connecting some dots that we shouldn’t be connecting but as always we are sharing a thought provoking conversation here between Madamwhipass and the Boldest Man On The ‘Net LanceScurv.

We would love to hear your feedback to see if we were the only people thing our ALLEGED thoughts!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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