LanceScurv TV – Why Are Black Men So Afraid To Show Love To Each Other?

The Boldest man On The ‘Net LanceScurv seeks an answer to a question that many are afraid to ask in the Black community, why are Black men so afraid to show love to each other?

There is a stigma and unwritten rule in the Black community that states that it is not masculine to show and affection to ones Brother as it may appear to be a sign of being effeminate or just plain old weakness.

We are taught through the examples before us of our Elders and the media that we are not supposed to show any signs of sensitivity or any emotion that is not considered “manly” or tough. We then hold our emotions and feelings inside and never share them with ANYONE especially with our peers who look just like us in the form of other Black men.

I believe that this is the reason why we are sick more so than men in other categories/communities on top of us just never wanting to seek professional or medical help to maintain optimum physical/mental/spiritual health.

But we would be far better off if we didn’t see each other as competitors and rivals but would view each other as a source of support in the trenches of life to nurse each other to strength by those who share the same common ailments in dealing with a society that is hellbent on never dealing with our unique and oftentimes invisible needs.

As usual, LanceScurv’s words are delivered in a free flowing rapid fire shoot from the hip style and if you do not understand any aspect of what he is sharing here then please feel free to dialogue with him via the comment box below or calling direct in order to clarify his points instead of immediately going into attack mode.


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