LanceScurv TV – Would You Marry Someone Who Earned Less Money Than You?

This is the topic on The LanceScurv Talk Show ( that has been an issue with many people in their relationships regardless to their race, color, creed, culture or lifestyle preference.

Money is a very important part of a committed union and the lack thereof will place levels of stress on the most rock solid of unions even when the love may seem to be flowing infinitely.


Aside from the usual drama filled episodes of infidelities indulged in, the lack of money is probably the second biggest reason people end their marriages so it is paramount that our spending habits are acceptable to our mate as well as making sure that all parties involved understand how to handle and respect this powerful aspect of life.

That being said, would YOU marry someone who earned less money than you? Let’s talk about it! Go to The LanceScurv Talk Show 0n Friday, February 10, 2012 at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time by clicking on this link:

…….and if you missed the live broadcast know that you can listen to the entire archived program by going to the same location!



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