The following is Anthony Stanton’s comment on my YouTube video titled “THE SENTINELESE DIDN’T FALL FOR THE “JESUS LOVES YOU” PRE-COLONIZATION CON-GAME!”  Please try to translate his version of the English language as best as you can, I might be retarded, but I paid attention in class so that I can write:

As a black man,why can’t our ppl leave non BLK ppl alone,and our own ppl as well. Lets scratch one for Chicago ?
When BLK ppl walked with God they were family oriented, work oriented.And also prospered under severe racial persecution,and we didn’t slaughter each other, because we were bonded with brotherly love.
It’s really disturbing to see the BLK community constantly crying and complaining about racism,and anything WHT ppl oriented when we have BLK on BLK mass murder and victimization breaking out across the nation.
This is a case of various forms of personality disorder including retarded thought process in the package of Pro BLK mentality,or the BLK community.

For every action there’s a reaction.And the reason why our race and culture is messed up is because the reaction Divine truth.
Where there is no vision the people perish Prov 29 :18;


Here is LanceScurv’s written response:


The problem of institutionalized racism is a problem that most faith based individuals like yourself hope will go away with a prayer with no positive action behind it to make the necessary changes as the God Force is within us all. But the engineered doctrine of having us believe that our answer is external to us is the biggest lie that could have been ever told. You kill where you live….hence, the Black on Black crime LIE!

How about calling out White on White crime? But then again most of us who are the Bible thumping “think within the box” subservient Knee-Grows always trust the hand picked news platforms from those who exploit us and their paper thin slogans as the truth as we show our ignorance by repeating them before thinking for ourselves. We are the only people who march to beg these humanoids for a break instead of creating our own.

Yet we do not see the Asians marching nor do we see the Indians from India marching because they have not absorbed this poison of religion to set them free. Maybe we should come together as Black people FIRST no matter what category of separation that we embrace to the delight of our oppressor. Sure, I don’t mind saying that I’m a PRO BLACK SEPARATIST whose prime purpose is breaking the demonic stronghold of the system of White Supremacy from our lives but to talk like that scares some of us who have been trained to see God as that Jesus that doesn’t look like us.

For people like this we have to understand that they refuse to know that racism is more than simply being called a nigger by an ignorant Caucasian and will never speak out on that Loan Officer who makes sure that a hard working Black man with great credit will not receive that bank loan that he qualifies for so that he can put his family in a nice home. Crying and complaining? How about that racist judge who sends an innocent young Black man-child away on trumped up charges that his District Attorney Golf buddy wants to keep his pristine record intact?

Crying and complaining?

Who will speak up for these racist incidents when in fact most religious ‘coons don’t even know what racism is?

Don’t even ask about them knowing what White Privilege is, they are so terrified of upsetting the apple cart because they do not want to lose the crumbs that their true master has afforded them so they will attack me for being a trouble maker to make them see themselves for who they really are and to ensure their slave-master that they are a safe loyal Knee-grow.

Retarded thought process?

How about the accepted definition of insanity?

Executing the same action while expecting a different result? Doesn’t this sound like those who wait on the Lord while our neighborhoods continue to fall into decay while the church houses that dot the landscapes of the Black areas thrive beyond measure? That sounds retarded to me and to simply state this to one of your own is quite hateful and not spoken in the spirit of correction but spoken with a hateful spirit of self hate. MAN UP BLACK MEN and reject the European religions that have caused it to be fine with our men being effeminate and buck broken as they will seek to discredit those who stand up boldly to a sick system whose only strength was derived from the exploitation of our people!

I am a first generation American by name alone as my family came from Jamaica…..hard working, independent, proud and knowledgeable of their roots/history. Unlike this individual who I know was bred with a slave mentality from a bloodline of subservience that obviously ebbs from every fiber of his pitiful being, I will be the last generation living here to soon return to the country of my family’s origin due to the intense love that these ‘coons have for their master which makes it literally impossible to build with!

Most of us will perish here in America as we support everyone else BUT our own as they seek to destroy any bold Black Voice who speaks truth to power without fear! ATTENTION ALL COONS: Before you approach me to spew and project your self hate onto me in any kind of dialogue, please learn your true history and take the bath of knowledge by taking the Willie Lynch cleanse to get the last remnants of Sambo-esque poison out of your heart! Contrary to what you have been taught in the school of indoctrination, it is okay to LOVE YOURSELF!

Please leave your response in the comment section below…….

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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