Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

I have to share what I see and it is not a good thing. Lucifer is snatching us up wholesale and and that very place called hell has been
sugarcoated and watered down in our consciousness to the point where we don’t even fear it anymore. We have been convinced that it is not there and to me that is the worse state of mind to be in these days with so much at stake.

We are so distracted with the so called “importance” of our lives that we forget to stay connected to the One who has given us this cherished gift of life in the first place.

I am a very sensitive person and can “feel” the difference in the air on the spiritual plane, some would say that I am crazy but those who truly know me have seen these premonitions that come to me in many abstract ways always seem to manifest themselves at a later time with a frightening accuracy.

I really don’t know how to express it, but I have the feeling that much of humanity has gone past the point of no return and our Father is not pleased and He is actually hurt by it because his word does not ever come back void and He knows what we have in store for coming to us because of the misuse of this thing given to us so freely called free will.

I am always a positive upbeat type of person and feeling pretty enthusiastic toward the day ahead of me as usual, but my “antennas”
upon awakening, seems to be picking up the distant signals of a very powerful storm approaching us and those who aren’t right with
themselves will suffer tremendous consequences. This also includes myself because I too have some major issues that must be dealt with in a timely manner before time runs out on me also.

But don’t we all?

While I do not claim to be some type of “all knowing” guru I do know what I feel and what I felt upon waking up this morning. I don’t want to come off as that guy that always seems to find himself downtown during the rush hour screaming out that the end is near holding up a sign that says “You Are All Going To Hell!” while everyone steps around him going about their business as though he doesn’t exist, no, I’m not that dude.

If you have been following this blog for any period of time you will know that I am a very unpredictable entity. One day I could put it
down righteously and say the most edifying things and then another day come off as being as carnal as anyone else out here in cyberspace appearing to have no resemblance to that person who may have stirred your soul with his words to a righteous frenzy.

That’s why folks stop by here to hear what I have to say because I am going to give it to you as it is and as it happens. Intuitively.
Sharing it as it comes.

Why is it so hard for so many of us to relate on this “real” level with each other? Don’t praise me for being special because I am not, I
just made up my mind a long time ago to not bear the foolish responsibility of wearing so many heavy masks just to please the
disillusioned and dysfunctional around me. If you ask my opinion, you can best believe that you will get the REAL answer.

But to get back to my feelings, I was enjoying the deepest slumber until I had to wake up to answer the call to nature at about seven
this morning, now understand that I never really get to bed until about four (and that’s early for me!) or after five. But after
returning to bed I as catapulted into a very much real world of never ending hopelessness, torment and impending doom and let me tell you, this was not a good feeling at all.

I saw friends of mine who have passed on as well as people that I know now who are still in the world of the living. The clarity of
everything around me was so vivid and so real, it didn’t have any dreamlike qualities to it. All of my senses appeared to be fully
functional and “aware” of this world around me. As a matter of fact, those extra senses were in full force and I could seem to “feel” the
amplified pain and despair in the hearts of those in my midst.

Many would say that this was merely a dream and that I should just brush it off…….no way!

This was too real to ignore as some random collective of mental scraps that were put together because of the happenings of the previous day, no, there was much more to this to write it off in that manner.

In this dream I could tell that I was somewhere up north. Back home in New York maybe? That’s a possibility. Because the tall buildings and lack of greenery along with the overcast sky and unique chill that I felt there HAD to mean that I was in the northern part of the United States, where exactly, I couldn’t tell you but in a way that is irrelevant.

What’s important was that sense that something was about to happen and the absolute lack of joy on the faces of the people around me as I walked down the street desperately trying to find someone who had Gods light in them. I couldn’t find one soul who was a kindred spirit and I began to get frightened.

But to be honest with you this is what I am seeing more and more in real life here as I go about my day, even with many who have a smile on their face I can see how rehearsed it is while the vacant dead look in their eyes betray the painted on mask-like affixed expression each and every time.

The world is being overtaken by the dark forces of the satanic netherworld and here we are “scadaddaling” around like everything is
just fine and dandy!

But as I became frightened in my dream I had a sense of wanting to leave this place and couldn’t. As I went to strangers to ask them for directions it seemed as though they knew something that I didn’t and would avoid eye contact and act as though I wasn’t there as they shuffled away from me quickly to not have to answer a question that would surely have scared the daylights out of me.

At this point I knew that I was somewhere that wasn’t good and chose not to attempt any interaction with anyone here as I would silently seek my exit to somewhere better.

Everyone in the street began to appear to me differently as though their personal demons and “lusts” were showing through the facade of their outward appearance. It was ugly and frightening in a way that I had never experienced. While I know many times that I can usually “feel” a persons spirit and intentions in real life, to see the actual evil and negativity change a persons face into a demonic mask was the most startling thing to observe. So now I found myself not looking directly at anyone (as I now do often as I drive my bus because of the strange things that I pick up in the eyes of my passengers) and began to pray to myself as I seemed to know the direction to place my feet to move me into a better space. I felt God guided me out of there. I was deep in a crowd now and the more I went into the direction that I was guided into was the more the crowds shoved to go the opposite way.

The way to Heaven is narrow indeed. This was a very symbolic experience thus far.

I knew that even as I went against the mass desire of the crowd, that I was truly going in the right direction. The shoving got so intense and the people seemed to want to push me back into the opposite direction that they feverishly attempted to reach with a sense of urgency compares to that of a man burning up and on fire running down to a nearby lake to douse the flames that have overtaken him. It was that intense to say the least.

I noticed that the rush of the crowd intensified but they seemed to not be able to shove me as they did before. It was if my body had less of a physical form as the moments went by and after a few more moments I began to walk smoothly as the people in th crowd walked right through me with no contact whatsoever!

No! I don’t do drugs people! This was merely the dream that I had last night that I am sharing with you! Lol!

But as that feeling of transparency came over me I began to levitate over the crowds that were on dire with their various sinful
manifestations but I wasn’t too far over them but it was as though I were floating on an unseen stream getting caught up in a current that would take me away.

At that very moment I happened to look back to the place I was being “saved” from and I saw the most massive mushroom cloud that one would see when there is some type of gas explosion because this cloud was so heavy and black!

The people didn’t seem to be aware that they were running right into the place that they should be running from, their lusts and carnal desires kept them heading the direction of what appeared to me as an eternal death. Thank God he had directed my steps out of that place!

As I slowly awakened from this dream I could hear the blood curdling screams of those who finally realized that the direction that they so feverishly ran toward was the way to an eternal death that was so depressing and so void of any joy that I couldn’t figure out how they couldn’t have “felt” it as they ran toward it!

But as I lay here and type these abstract words to share I realize from now that many of you will not understand my nocturnal experience and write it off as a meaningless dream while a few of you will understand exactly what it meant as I will definitely heed the warning and praise God that he snatched me from the jaws of death and the pits of hell because so many of us die in our sleep and never come back but I was spared and given A SECOND CHANCE!

Believe or not, take it or leave it alone, I know what I saw and I know that I have a work to do here as well as getting myself right. So
take it as a lesson or write me off as a nut, it doesn’t matter to me right now what you think. All I know is that the time is drawing near
and I have a few things that I have to discard of. How can we improve our lives if we do not acknowledge that we need to clean house in this first place? I know one thing, I might not be so blessed as I am today to feel the delicious warmth of the suns rays on my back if I don’t start now…….

Please pray for me as I do for you.

Stay blessed.

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