WalMart Superstores: One Part Social Club/Two Parts Mental Institution!

Shopping at WalMart has always caused me to wonder what was it about this place that attracts the strangest individuals as well as the strangest behaviors out of some very bizarre people.

For some reason, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but for many cities in America that are smaller than most, it appears that the local WalMart is the more happening meetup place than the nightclubs of those towns.

At least if you’re a visitor to a new city the best place to get a healthy gauge of what that place is all about is to go to the local WalMart there.

I’ve always said in the past that the major transportation hubs of any given city unearths the nutcases and dysfunctional people who live there, but now I believe that I might have to rethink that theory all over again!

People Of WalMart

I’ve also noticed the very visible sexual overtones that flow through that place late at night as I’ve witnessed my share of phone number exchanges between lust filled strangers and straight pickups in those aisles where most go to get their food while others have something quite different on their minds.

Gentlemen, have you noticed how some of these women dress late at night when shopping at WalMart after hours?

I’ve seen a skirt so flimsy on one somewhat attractive and shapely lady that the entire male population of that WalMart filled up every aisle that she occupied as though they were really interesting in women’s MaxiPads when she happened to linger there for a while!

How transparent!

…….and she knew exactly what she was doing as even the store managers who are usually so hard to find were magically there helping her and stumbling over each other in the name of god customer service!

Yeah, I bet they wanted to service HER alright!

…….and how come when the entire store has maybe ten people wandering around shopping aimlessly to beat their insomnia, they all seem to filter through to the front to pay for their purchases (Hopefully) at the same time to that ONE cashier’s checkout that has the “open sign” lit up with no one their to work it?

Then when you find yourself there at the checkout line, you begin to question the overall mental health of the city that you call home and wonder what rock these clowns crawled from under and how uncanny their timing was to all show up at the same time.

WalMart can attract them all right…….

People Of WalMart

But if the truth be told, it’s not really WalMart’s fault but because the WalMart phenomenon is a somewhat recent modern day manifestation when you think of the overall time that the fabric of an evolving American Culture has existed.

It’s a “Johnny Come Lately” in the tale of modern America but the way it’s set up already reflects an ailing society at it’s worst on the steep moral decline like no other place out here for the world to see.

So expect to continue to see the buffoonery displayed at America’s biggest bloodsucker of a corporate cancer especially since many of our smaller towns have not many other options for social interaction after the town curfew shuts the city down just after sundown.

Like the bright floodlight that attracts all kinds of strange flying night creatures to its bulb as it pierces through the darkness, WalMart has in essence been connected – obviously without any intentional effort from its corporate bigwigs – to the ratchet ghetto ‘hood behavior in a way that has made WalMart appear to be several notches below its competitor Target in the “social pillar of decency” department.

People Of WalMart

Walmart is in the unenviable position of being that one friend that doesn’t lie when one inquires if they look too fat in the dress that they are trying to squeeze into.

It shows America as the dysfunctional, medicated, unkempt, out of shape, narcissistic, slothful, dumbed-down mind controlled nation that it has deteriorated into.

There is no hiding that fact.

So if you plan on visiting the United States anytime soon and want to experience the REAL AMERICA that those who create those glowing glossy tourist brochures wouldn’t dare show you, then find yourself at a Walmart that’s NOT in the isolated tourist corridors but in the areas where the blue collar working class shop to wisely spend their hard earned pennies.

There you will honestly find not only the well publicized looney’s who are glamorized on many a ratchet website, but you will see the overworked and underpaid people who are not represented in the mainstream media or even respected by their corporate leaders when you observe how little they get paid in comparison to the countless millions that WalMart rakes in for its higher ups to divide as bonuses.

People Of WalMart

And even though this article started out on a comedic tone, let me take a moment to get serious and really ask how in the hell can a company feel proud that they basically have their employees – most of which are single heads of households – working for money that wouldn’t even amount to their kids allowance to go to the candy store?

Who could feel good about ripping off and entire nation of workers while at the same time speaking of rebuilding this nation as they do exclusive business with China to sell cheap products here that don’t benefit us that could very well be made by us!

How sick is that? How greedy is that?

So understand when I titled this blog what I did and you may have thought that I was merely ragging on the comical individuals who you may find there, know that for every clown that you might see in the aisles using it as a social club, you’ll find two corporate entities of this same company who deserve to be committed to a mental institution because of their cancerous approach to profit off the backs of the people!

People Of WalMart

You might see an over exposed pair of huge boobs at Walmart late at night.

You might witness two sisters fighting to the bitter end over a man who simply sits back to videotape the festivities for YouTube with a dumb smile on his face.

You might see a granny shoplift and use the scooter as a getaway vehicle only to be apprehended in the parking lot.

Whatever you might see at that place called WalMart, it pales in comparison to what transpires in the luxury offices of the severely anal retentive Corporate Clowns who make it all possible!

It’s trickle down madness at its BEST!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Comical Brother,



People Of Walmart



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