Late Nights With LanceScurv # 31

This was a very strange Late Nights with LanceScurv indeed and a textbook illustration of why many in the human race will never see eye to eye until they broaden their mental horizons to see the world for the huge place that it is with many different belief systems. While annoying most of the  time, this individual who insisted on “talking at” the panel of an upcoming war but refused to state the particulars intelligently, actually spawned an intelligent conversation amongst the regulars (Once muted) as to why this phenomenon happens and why it can be a very dangerous thing to those who believe in such vague doctrines without proper research of history and concrete facts.

But all in all it must be stated that we here in the LanceScurv family encourage dialogue with all who may have a different perspective but will not tolerate ignorant rude behavior, classless and uncultured expressions as well as the unchecked attitudes and hangups that one needs to deal with personally before burdening others with it on the public stage.

If you can bear through the initial barrage of disconnected rhetoric, you will see that it ended up being a special night full to the brim of a higher conversation after all. Enjoy and learn from the strange trip that we endured last night!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



Confused Black Woman

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