Learn How To Charm And Behead The Venom Filled Snake That Intends To Bite You!

It’s a shame that in the world as it is today that the very character traits and unique attributes of a person that the world would label as positive could be the very thing that will drive others away from your divinely inspired efforts and turn them into a venom filled snake.

What am I talking about?

I’m speaking on the fact that it pisses a lot of people off when you have a sustained motivation for what you do as those angry observers may be struggling in the department from which your enthusiasm flows so easily.

While I feel really weird saying this – and never thought that the day would come that I will- but you can’t exude too much positivity amongst those who are limited in the awareness of their total being or they will otherwise begin a raging attack to snuff out your light through their obvious attempts at their ineffective mind games and tactics to cause self doubt.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

It’s true, while many in your world and inner circle will encourage you on your up rise, once they see that you are the real thing then they will make sure to snuff out your positive flame because you are now moving into a space that makes you a threat to their perceived standing.

While you are in their mind allowed a small amount of success, if you go beyond what they feel is your predetermined limits they will begin to think to themselves “how dare you go higher than I think you should go” and begin to plot your fall all the while wearing a huge smile on their face in pretending to be there for you.

This is when your maturity kicks in, once you realize that you have an enemy in your camp you must merely observe them and play the game. You never confront them upon the realization of their true feelings, you watch them closely while knowing all the while that you now because of what you know have the upper hand.

Smile when they smile, study the movements of a certified chameleon so that you can hone your skills in this life for the next situation where you might have to deal with a more lethal strain of a turncoat.

When you get over the shock of seeing how an enemy can dwell right up under your nose and play pretend for month or sometimes years, it make the game more rewarding when you have the upper hand in knowing who they really are deep down inside.

I make a point of treating my personal snakes quite well, I will do things for them that keep them close to me to play the game and in return I will allow them a birds eye view of my immense talents and drive that will literally have them hanging on for dear life to maintain their sanity!

I WANT them to see how well and balanced  I live and I want them to see that not many things truly bother me. It’s the ultimate mind game because as they drop their very subtle damn near undetectable seeds of doubt on me in my presence, I will exude the confidence that has been placed in me through my parents and allow the snake to feel a frustration unknown when it never appears that I ever have a bad day because in actuality I don’t!

Hand Holding Cash

You see, to truly defeat these negative entities in your midst, you must possess a believe so intense that you are in control of your destiny based on the free will that has been given to you be the divine Creator who made it all.

Once you KNOW that you are destined for greatness and are ready, willing and able to toil for it over the years than THAT in itself is the protective buffer that keeps any hater from ever laying a hand on you in a destructive manner because he or she has relinquished their right to greatness due to the fact that they are blowing their window of opportunity achieve anything of substance in order to set traps for you.

Since whatever success is achieved is incidental to these types, this makes them feel as though you can be stopped dead in your tracks before reaching your destiny because you are running on the same road as they are and are just as vulnerable mentally.

But all of my life I have had to show and prove to these spiritual leeches through my resiliency that I am not cut from the same cloth and am not of the same weak belief system that they are. I was wired early in life to KNOW that if I submit to divine law then the might of the universe is behind me to aid me in any endeavor that I choose to do as long as it is in accordance with the will of God.

It gets no sweeter than this, so as I watch these disconnected carnal fools throw the traps that I saw coming from a mile away I pity them because as I rise they fall to a lower depth of anxiety and stress as they beat themselves up for not becoming all that they can be. So while the humane side of you truly feels for these confused hateful entities, you cannot really extend your emotional and spiritual resources to them because they are not ready to even receive them. You will waste your time because they will take your help as arrogance and dislike you even more after getting up on their feet.

Their own venom is the thing that is holding them down while thinking that it’s something that you are doing to them to keep them there.

If you let them get too close they will surely sabotage you and if you banish them from sight they will throw bombs your way from afar. Like I said earlier, you must keep them close enough while knowing who they are and play the game while you know that they are actually quarantined from the inner circles of your life to do any real harm and are unbeknownst to them are locked out from EVER getting into that circle.

Charm the snake and render his venom powerless over your life as your close proximity to him will lull him into a state of complacency to never attack because he feels empowered and in position to do it whenever he pleases.

Rattlesnack Beheaded

This in turn will allow YOU the choice of when to strike as the snake will find himself paralyzed in a state of shock not because he is about to be beheaded but more so that you KNEW who and what he was in his heart as you wined and dined him to believing that he could never be revealed! Trust me people, it works and being blessed with the power of the Third Eye was one of greatest gifts that God has given me in order to navigate this snake infested terrain that I must walk through as I pursue developing myself into the man that God wants me to be!

If I believe in myself please don’t blame me if YOU don’t believe in YOU!

So save your venom laced bite for someone who you can bring down because if you know how far I’ve come you will know that you are wasting your negative energy on someone who can chew you up and spit you out with the “quickness!”

I am too busy manifesting these God given talents in a positive manner before I leave this Earth!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Snake Charming Brother,







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April 11, 2013 11:11 AM

My Dad once told me: You’d be surprised at the competition and enemies you keep”

His point being one doesn’t have to “do” anything or “be” anything to be seen as a “threat” to someone. That underlying insecurity is present in those who go the extra mile to position themselves in your life as friends, but it also from folk you don’t know, folk don’t interact with, or, frankly, folk you don’t even notice.

He also warned against trying to figure out why because you’ll never know.

Thought I’d share. Thanks for your insights 🙂

Reply to  Dee
April 11, 2013 11:24 AM

You are so right Dee, and the most compelling part of your comment that hit me the hardest is the part where you spoke about the insecurity of those who we don’t interact with, don’t know and don’t even notice!


Can you imagine how many people have made you a part of their world where you never even knew it?

That frightening but so true!

Thanks for those shared thoughts…….


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