Learn How To Cry Broke & Keep Your Money In Your Pocket!

Today the majority of is are truly feeling the crunch of these lean economic times. Even if you are one who lives an affluent lifestyle, you have to notice it somewhat unless you are in the top tier of the wealthiest in the worlds population but you are probably not because you would have lots of other things that you can do your riches instead of spending time to read this blog.

Many of us who are looking for a way to ease the discomfort of the financial squeeze seek part-time jobs to supplement an income that is already stretched to the hilt. Still others will slash their consumption to more realistic levels to keep themselves out of the red
or maybe some will utilize an approach that embraces a combination of the two which I think is best.

Did I cover all of the tactics utilized? Yes and no.

Well, depending on your character and moral fiber, their are plenty of other riskier options that keep the nightly news channels full of sad, interesting and downright hysterical accounts of someone who foolishly attempted to beat the odds and balance their troubled checkbook by stealing something of substantial value that doesn’t belong to them. Yes, for some it is a great option but the risk involved pretty much becomes a drain on the tax dollars that we contribute to when those poor misdirected souls end up in jail and eventually prison doing long miserable bids with plenty of regrets.

So that IS an option although a foolish one that I hope anyone reading this blog is not considering.

It’s the reasons why the prison industry is a surefire investment to the true power brokers of the inner city ghettos?

The other is to do absolutely nothing at all and seek help and handouts that pretty much will end after the good Samaritans good graces wear thin and cease all charity to the passive person in need. I know of many who plan on not doing anything in their life to NOT store up the necessary nest egg that will carry them through a rainy day.

But their is one more that I absolutely cannot STAND to deal with when I see a particular spirit behind it. What might this be you ask?


Now do NOT get me wrong on this, before I go any further I must say that I believe in giving to those who are in dire need and were truly put in a set of circumstances that were beyond their control and attempted to utilize all other options that were totally exhausted.

Also let me add that I would get very angry if someone that I knew DIDN’T come to me until things got that bad. I have a loving giving heart and will make sure that you are comfortable to the best of my ability with the resources that I possess and I won’t ever look for it back or throw it up in your face in the future. I will act as though it never happened. God always has blessed me back indirect when MY time of need came to my life.

So understand that when I say “begging” I am not speaking of “asking” for help in a real and legitimate situation, the two are totally


For those slimy get over artists who try to get money out of you when they mess themselves up from being irresponsible with the money that they DO have to me have absolutely NO EXCUSE for coming to you to subsidize THEIR lack of control!

Imagine, you work hard everyday, budget your money, resist the temptation to spend haphazardly to reach your long term goals only to have a hedonistic entity with no ambition sweep down on you because they just know that you “got it like that” like you didn’t have to get up to go to work when you wished you could have stayed in the bed like they always do!

They are living the “Life Of Riley” looking so rested and here you are damn near looking like a raccoon sporting those dark heavy bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep from all of those overtime hours that you put in!

Those are the disgraceful shameless people to whom I will never extend my good graces to! Many of them will attempt to lay a guilt trip on you if you tell them that you do not have it!

The best way to deal with these types is to learn how to cry broke and claim that you don’t have it!

Don’t you let them manipulate you with their games. They feel just because you may have just purchased a brand new shiny car with the pretty rims on it that somehow you have a stash of money just waiting to toss in the air to make it rain like that new vehicle doesn’t cost a healthy sum every month!

Remember, you better learn how to cry broke!

Don’t let those users make you feel guilty for anything that you had to go out there and work hard for! They didn’t try to help you when your old car that you drove around for years was in the shop every other week and you had to ride public transportation for a time to get around. They weren’t anywhere in sight to at least help you get to the supermarket to pick up all of those groceries that you had to lug around in the rain and then on the crowded stinking bus! They actually used to laugh at that old car but are now begging for the money that the old car helped you to go and make! Isn’t that something?

Now that things are better for you, you better still know how to cry broke!

And how many of you have experienced the type of person who borrows money with absolutely no intention of ever paying it back? What’s that all about? That means that while they where smiling all up in your face with the nerve to ask you for the favor, they were laughing deep down inside because they new that they were playing you for a fool! They walked away Scott free with your money in their pocket in what could be considered a legal robbery and the sad part about it is that YOU signed off on it.

You should have known back then how to cry broke!

Now either these types will continue to come around you boldly and never say anything about the money ever again thinking that you are too much of a soft touch to ask for it back. Or the other type of idiot is the kind that will feign anger when you make mention of their debt to you and will angrily bring up every minor favor that they have ever done for you in an effort to verbally beat you down and have you cowering from ever asking for YOUR money back ever again!

How pathetic!

You could have saved that money if you knew how to cry broke!

And if you allow yourself to be intimidated by someone who used you in this manner then you are just as pathetic as the whole entire  situation and deserved to be trampled on if you cannot defend yourself.

You can’t be afraid to know how to cry broke!

When a leech like this begs for money and gets it out of you to NOT pay it back they not only have disrespected you, but they have no regard for your obligations or your family needs. They don’t know what you had planned with that money because many times when a person loans out cash like that they are putting themselves out there on a limb with their OWN debts, obligations and bills.

Learn how to cry broke!

I can’t say it enough, learning how to cry broke is about self preservation, peace of mind and keeping some sense of balance in your
life. When these financial vampires “sense” that you are on that hard earned and long overdue monetary level of contentment, they move in for the kill because in their mind the prey is ripe for the kill. Some people get so use to living off of the crumbs of others that they have turned it into a way of life and a life lone career!

Don’t become another conquest in their slothful resume, Do something about the situation proactively and most of all, do something for yourself .


Learn how to CRY BROKE!

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