Why Leaving Facebook Was The Best Decision Of My Life!

Just the other day I was heading out to run a few errands and I was transfixed at the images on the television of an old flick that I used to enjoy as a kid named “Night Of The Living Dead.”

Many of you reading this just may remember it and as I began to get into watching it for the few moments that I did, it reminded me so much of what we’ve become as a society who’ve become virtual slaves who are connected to the internet with our personal devices to get onto cyberspace.

Those zombies who craved living flesh never stopped coming to the house where those few survivors shielded themselves from harm and they were determined to get in by any means necessary. To stay alive those people inside had to FIGHT for their lives and even turned on each other when the going got rough!

Sounds familiar?

Human nature is a heck of a beast and although most who are over the age of eighteen are considered adults in this society, too many have regressed to behaving like toddlers once the collective poisons of Facebook and other social media platforms have permeated the deepest recesses of their psyches.

I can’t blame Facebook in particular for anything, it’s the people who have dropped their guards and allowed their better judgment to be banished because of the fascination with their newfound ability to peer into the lives of another without being seen doing so.

Facebook Addictions

We’ve been turned into a society of voyeurs and exhibitionists without even realizing it!

Most women walk around pregnant for weeks without realizing that they are until their “friend”, the period doesn’t show up according to their calculations.

We have lost our general sense of fair judgment because we have been sucked into this matrix of cyberspace and are too far gone to grasp the fact that we are not even living the full lives that we think we’ll get from living with that soul draining indulgence called Facebook.

So what’s the absolute best way to handle this potentially destructive beast if you have too?

Treat Social Media like a hot stove that’s cooking your food. Do you sit down on top of the stove while your food is being prepared or do you stay a safe distance away from it until the task is completed?

Your oven is merely a tool to make your food palatable and nothing else, to sit on the stove would physically harm you and defeat the original purpose of enhancing your life.

So why do we stay on Facebook all damn day?

They’ve created this platform to have the exact same effect that Crack Cocaine has on the brain of the addict. We get a RUSH of anticipation when we hear that audible alert on our phones, tablets, computers or other devices and we can’t wait to see who replied to our posts or conversations (Threads) that we are connected to.

Your Brain On Facebook

This proximity to Facebook alone will reduce one’s awareness in the real physical world to the point where we will risk our lives and the innocent lives of others DRIVING a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds simply because we can’t wait until it’s safe to see who replied and what was said!

Lives are lost instantly, unnecessary accidents happen that could have been avoided as well as the zombie-like existence and zone that too many of us are walking in because our consciousness has been arrested by this very seductive tool that literally sucks your life force away!

If we clutched our loved ones as securely as we do our phones we would have better family lives and communications, we would have less divorces, broken homes and affairs going on undercover. We would feel less stress because we would have the awareness to allow more life to enter our world as opposed to having our thoughts in captivity because of something that we saw on Facebook.

I find it amazing that with so many free ways to communicate instantaneously that we are more lonely, depressed and heartbroken than ever before.

Why is that?

Why is it that when we think back to the good old days in the prior years of our lives those happy times didn’t involve selfies or picture phones to show off the so called good times that we are trying to convince the world that we are having?

Heck! Back in the good old days that we reminisce about most us barely had an abundance of money and many of us were flat BROKE!

But the true connections that we had with our friends and loved ones were genuine as all seen and unseen spiritual pistons were firing on full blast!

Facebook Addict

It’s sad to me that while many of us can’t recall the last time that we licked a stamp to mail off a hand written letter to a faraway friend. We take this technology for granted because if it were utilized properly it could enhance our lives greatly but I seriously do not believe that it was created to season our lives but to snatch our life force at the very core.

Someone created this poison called Facebook to be very tasty indeed and I for one am backing away from this deadly dining table that has turned out for many to be their Last Supper in the world of the truly living!

I miss the joy of taking a long walk where I truly absorb the views around me without interruption.

I crave the anticipation of reconnecting with my long lost friends up close and personal face to face as opposed to being relegated to “invisible observer” status as we gaze along anonymously without our presence being felt.

……and most of all, let’s make the trolls reveal themselves and their identities if they truly want to reach out to you as opposed to their creepy peeping in on your life and the hijacking of those on your friend’s list for the purpose of getting a better feel of how you’re really living!

Most of the time these entities (who are oftentimes close friends and “frienemies”) get their superficial feelings hurt when they see how well (balanced) you live as opposed to the lonely lives they lead wondering where the years went and why they are all alone, horny and miserable.

Facebook Addiction

We really don’t understand how the negative energy is transferred through the cyber experience and I guarantee you that you will experience an instant boost in happiness once you decide to curtail your activities there greatly down to the bare minimum because remember, Facebook and the other Social Media platforms are simply a tool.

I will be writing about the many negative aspects of Social Media this week even more so as I’ve made my glorious decision to free myself from wading in the pool of toxicities along with the diseased spirits that attempt to enter my world just as they did in my old favorite movie titled “The Night Of The Liviung Dead.”

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,
Your Drama Free Brother,


P.S: My Facebook Fan/Business page will always be up so if you want to reach out to me there feel free to do so. My former personal page has been deleted. Reach that page by clicking here and hit the “LIKE” button when you get there! 

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