Lebron James: The New Media Target?

While I am totally happy for Lebron James decision to go where HE wants to go to continue his career in the sport of basketball, I just can’t help from thinking that at WHAT POINT will the media, paparazzi and powers that be begin to tear him down?

If truth be told, this is what happens ALL of the time with our athletes, celebrities and public figures. We live our lives through their successes and at some point we begin to pick away at the “corporate illusion of promotable perfection” and look for “flaws” in these very human demi-gods of our creation.

Why do we do this? Now I know that we have some very foolish sports figures that just don’t seem to understand how vulnerable/visible they are and that they are NOT the invincible “larger than life” entities that their press clippings boost them up to be, but even in the case of  a mild mannered individual like Lebron James, I believe that after a while they will come after him too!

All I can hope for him personally is that he maintains being spiritually grounded as well as being aware of the vicious sharks in his midst that will appear around him as he swims the deepest waters of superstardom.

It is so interesting to watch the career of someone pegged as a future great develop right in front of your very eyes. Let’s just hope that he remembers how fickle fans can be and never forget the image of those fans who burned his Cleveland jersey after he made the decision to go to Miami to play ball there.

He is his own walking talking economy, where he goes, jobs by the thousands are created! Entire cities are transformed and those chosen places (Miami, Florida) are somewhat shielded from the malfunctioning economic climate of the present time. This is some powerful stuff and many people who hope to personally gain from his proximity can begin to get very possessive and extremely erratic!

Look at the comments made by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, he spoke as though he OWNED Mr. James and that he was a piece of property!

The main thought here is that when it is written in stone that you will be making tons of money in the present and future, you become ONE BIG TARGET!

And while we ALL know that “King James” knows his way around the court as well as how to shoot a ball straight into the hoop, let’s pray that he also knows how to duck the eventual attacks that are surely to come.

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