Lesbian Hillary & Whoremonger Bill: Inside The Clinton’s Freakish & Mutually Beneficial Arranged Political Marriage!

As always I’m quite sure the title of this article caught your eye but I promise its contents is as raw if not more so than it suggests because as far as I can see, many marriages in politics are as authentic as a four leave clover in the middle of the Sahara desert smack dab dead center in a snowstorm that will never happen there.

Now I’m certain that there must be some real love on a matrimonial level in those incestuous political circles, but with the generous amounts of satanic driven lust laden temptations thriving in abundance at the foot of power, I doubt that it’s a common occurrence.

Let me cut to the core right from the jump and say that there is promiscuity in EVERY possible pairing category bar none. Sexual indiscretions are everywhere no matter if you’re Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgendered and/or any one of the vast ever growing categories that individuals choose to live their life under.

I have chosen the title groupings because of the special proximity that they have between them and how each draws energy and protection from each other in that high end political arena of Washington D.C.

Let me start with me first example of what I mean if you still don’t know where this article is going thus far.

Let’s take what appears to be a couple who is entering political life on a state and federal level as opposed to their prior experiences of service in local government. They are now not in their element and must now “learn the ropes” as newly knighted neophytes and will soon find out that the “rules” are quite different here than in their prior life in the more shallow waters of politics.

They will soon find out that not all that glitters is gold and those high profile individuals that they only knew from the well engineered television ad campaigns now expose themselves to be very much human when they observe the habits, character flaws and outright addictions of this renown “leader”.

The “mandatory” social functions that “must” be attended will brazenly reveal the abundant decadence that quickly let our “wet behind the ears” couple that “In God We Trust” means absolutely nothing and is about as thick as a supermarket cardboard cutout advertisement display.

If this soon to be “indoctrinated into the inner circle” couple consider the masked but very obvious after hours invitations from his peers for them both to join in with the discreet wife swapping bisexual anything goes sex orgies, then maybe they will remain as a staple in the higher echelon of politics. But if not, their careers won’t last very long at all and will eventually have to pack their bags and return back to their home state bedazzled at what the experienced and weren’t prepared for…….a gaze into the very eyes of Satan himself!

Not to make excuses for the decadence in Washington D.C. but whenever you have a high pressure profession like those in Washington exist in, it tends to amplify the need for release which most often comes from the extreme indulgence into either substances like drugs and alcohol or the exploration into the netherworld of twisted fetishes, desires and SEX!

This explains why there is an entire industry of prostitution, sex clubs and outwardly discreet parties where there’s an abundance of any every type of drug known to man that thrives in the shadow of the powerful Washington politicians unbeknownst to most that is fueled by the taxpayers money.

Bill Clinton Holding Blonde Woman With Exposed Breasts

This is why I feel that the majority of Washington’s Political gang is not as innocent as they attempt to to portray themselves to be. Thus, in the Holy Bible we have Ephesians 6:12 which reads:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

I feel that for one to be involved in politics at the higher levels one must be cold, calculating, manipulative, lacking empathy and willing to do whatever it might take to reach ones career goals even if it involves initiating the death of whoever just might stand in your way from reaching those goals. While that may be just my opinion, if you dig deeper it sue does appear to be the unwritten rule in political circles.

Hillary Clinton

Let’s take a woman like Hillary Clinton who happens to be running for the Presidency Of The United States, she in my opinion is the epitome of a cold ruthless hardcore political player and cares not for anything else in the world other than gaining the complete power and control that comes as a package deal when one becomes president.

Hillary’s had to do what she had to do to endure the storms that she was faced with whether they were by her own doing or by the dirty circumstances of politics itself, and there is no way that she is as pristine as she exudes to the world, especially since she’s married to one of Washington’s biggest smooth criminal philanderers in the form of her husband, former President of the United States Bill Clinton.

The foundation of the Clinton Dynasty I believe is held firm by several unseen factors that many on the outside really can’t see in its full manifestation because they are overshadowed by the smoke and mirrors of an engineered political exterior that most believe to be reality.

Now buckle your seat belts because we are now finally getting to the meat of the matter…….

Remember the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton Oral Sex Scandal? While it’s been well publicized beyond measure I’m surprised how not many focused on the lack of emotional involvement or sense of disconnect that Hillary Clinton displayed as they went through those very trying times.

Monica Lewinsky

I saw back then that her political aspirations and how she composed herself in front of the camera were more important than the trivial happenings that can happen when you’re married to a man who is addicted to receiving oral sex from star struck gullible women with low self esteem who are validated when a man of power deposits their sperm in their mouth.

The other reason that I feel that Hillary wasn’t the least bit upset is because unlike that Washington neophyte political couple mentioned earlier in this article, she was very much aware and INTO what Bill Clinton was doing with Monica Lewinsky! Can I prove it? Of course not! But this is my gut feeling and I’m sharing it publicly and am willing to catch the blow-back because of my willingness to express it!

In my humble opinion Hillary is a power hungry part time bisexual/ full time lesbian who made up her mind many decades ago that didn’t mind being married to a man to whom she could enjoy the best of both worlds behind closed doors and beyond.

It seemed to work out for the both of them until the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and she had to “distance” herself from Bill because at least his image could be restored over time as opposed to explaining why so many women were brought into their intimate life which would shine the spotlight on Hillary’s attraction for women.

Let’s be real…….I’ve personally known many romantic pairings that from the outside appeared normal but under the surface was an entirely different dynamic at work. There are many women who were brought up to feel that having an attraction to other women was wrong and suppressed their desires because of the strict society and time that they grew up in. What better cover than to marry a man who can’t help himself in the control department when it comes to craving sex with multiple women.

This type of woman can use her man’s out of control libido to her advantage because she can get all of the lesbian sex she craves whether it’s multiple flings with a variety of partners or simply to engage in the intimacies with that one particular “friend” or tight circle of acquaintances.

The Lesbian & The Whoremonger

…….and WHAT sex crazed husband WOULDN’T want a Wife like this? Cheating wouldn’t now have to be the Mission Impossible endeavor that most men must endure with the paper thin excuses and cooked up alibis that are so easy to decipher that a woman can quickly read through like a cheap five and dime store paperback novel!

It’s no wonder that Bill Clinton always had a smile on his face, he must have realized when he met Hillary that he hit PAYDIRT and would now live the life that most men could only think about while masturbating and watching computer porn!

If my opinion is correct then the world would refer to Hillary & Bill Clinton as closet Swingers who’ve used their hidden lusts to navigate the twisted underbelly of Washington politics in a dysfunctional yet brilliant way.

Look, for those who are as knowledgeable as I in the freakish ways of this world you KNOW that there is truth in my words whether Hillary fits the bill of what I am saying or not.

The same dynamic goes for those affluent white men who love seeing their trophy of a suburban white wives regularly impaled on a randomly chosen strange Black man’s raw unprotected penis for sport and play! These husbands are closeted Gay men who are merely using their wives as a “sexual shoe horn” to get the foot of another man penis into the shoe of their hungry salivating mouth!

This is why some men prefer to marry a woman who can’t control HER libido in the presence of other men with the wandering eye. It doesn’t bother them at all and as a matter of fact it turns them on greatly to know that their wives are having extramarital affairs brazenly in their face!

Do me a favor if you don’t believe what I say and Google the term “Cuckhold” and enlighten yourself!

So as Hillary fights hard to stay out of the scandals of her own doing, understand that there’s an entirely different dynamic to her facade of a “marriage” that in my opinion the world could NEVER understand because they are simply too afraid to see her as a regular human being behind the scripted speeches, catch phrases, Colgate smiles and teleprompter enhanced public appearances.

The bottom line is that if the Clinton’s can’t keep their home in order and rid themselves of the demons that haunt them while portraying the highest levels of wholesomeness and decency, how is she fit to lead a nation when she’s so dysfunctional?

……maybe, just maybe one day my hunch will be revealed to be the truth because whether one likes it or not…….it’s NOTHING but the truth!

I hope you’ve found my words stimulating, enlightening and entertaining. 

Please leave your comments below!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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