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Once again our Liberian Brother Carlton Peters brings us an inside perspective on the inner workings of the government of Liberia, not from the smoothed over so called Mainstream Media’s engineered perspective, but from the neglected people who drive this country who are purposely ignored because of the truth that they speak!

Carlton as always brings home the great points that you will not hear anywhere else because he speaks 100% TRUTH!

He speaks on the epidemic government corruption that has infested this resource rich country and the leeches in power who swarm down to exploit these assets for their own profit with very little ever helping the people who are suffering under this extremely well cloaked regime.

It’s a shame that innocent people have to feel the brunt of someone elses greed in a manner that affects their lives in a very much impoverished way.

Mr. Peters explains that his humble opinion that these are the conditions that will breed “terrorists” because of the gross injustices that transpire in a country whose government ignores the cries of the poor.

But this is why the people are pushing back on their oppressors the world over so do NOT be to fast to label someone a terrorist because the corporate media does when in fact those who have created these oppressive conditions are the real terrorists.

But who has the courage to tell it like it is?

While everyone may not be as righteously outspoken to speak the truth, we know for a fact that Mr. Carlton Peters is!

As always thank you my Brother for your informative enlightening words and powerful warrior spirit! You are very much appreciated over the entire planet.

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President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Liberian Grebo boyTV says:

    This is guy is on point about the corruption in our government, but not
    everybody in Liberia is living in poverty.

    You got the rich verses the poor to be honest

  • lionofisrael says:

    Man! This Brother brought a lot forth. Thanks to brother lance for giving
    brother Carlton an opportunity I’m a new subscriber

  • Maime Ricks says:

    Brother Carlton is right on point! A lot of people hailed Mrs Ellen Johnson
    Sirleaf as the first Female president in Africa but how is she governing
    the country? Her sons are known to take millions of dollars out of the
    country , one of them even built a multi-million dollars hospital in South
    Africa. So many different forms of corruptions have been taking place in
    Liberia for many many years . Mrs Johnson’s government is no exception. A
    country rich in mineral resources has been duped by her own people. Foreign
    nationals live in the best parts of the country because of the corrupt
    system of Government that gave them this privilege to enjoy the finest
    things that money can buy, while the masses are suffering. A country that
    is so rich yet, her people live in poverty . What a mess, one can not enjoy
    his own country even in Africa , the white people and few powerful people
    who allow them are living well , forcing people to migrate to the United
    States and other European countries. Africa needs to wake up!!!!

  • >