Life Imitating Degenerate Art?

Remember the days when somehow someway a new style of dress would catch on or a new dance would become popular and everyone had to keep up with the latest fad to be considered cool?

After a time the current hot fad would fade out only to be replaced with a newer style that made the previous thing to corny to even be associated with.

There was no time limit on how long a rave could last on top of the desired list of most people as it would just naturally run its course.

We look back on the different things that were popular growing up and almost feel embarrassed as we look through our photo albums and wonder what in the world were we thinking to wear the clothes that we did or even the outlandish hair styles we sported!

But this is the way culture ran its course and developed over time, it was non predictable and very interesting to follow. Whether you wore hot pants or mini skirts (seems like more men these days like to wear those, but that’s ANOTHER article’s subject matter!) or a perm as opposed to Afro puffs, there was something out there to appeal to everyone! Creativity and originality was preferred and respected as it was cool to do your own thing if you didn’t want to follow the crowd.

Pure unadulterated uninhibited fun was the order of the day! Yes we had issues to tackle and problems to solve but we had a unity through our culture that brought us through the roughest of times!  It was revealed to me through a sermon many years ago and actually spoken by others in conversation and personal speculation that when someone wants to defeat an enemy, all one has to do is learn their habits and ways. You then infiltrate what they consider a good thing and turn it around on them. They won’t even have a clue as to covert methods you have utilized to bring them to their eventual doom!

What am I talking about? Well, look at the usual things that were introduced to our communities to bring us down, the diseases, the drugs, the planned hopeless conditions that lead to frustrations that lead us as sane civil human beings to do things that even a vicious ANIMAL wouldn’t be capable of doing!

Now while these negative aspects things are still out here in the world in full force, we as a people are still thriving by God’s grace. The devil knows this and has taken his attack to an even more intense level! He has hijacked our culture! He is a virus that has infected our various forms of expression for HIS demonic purposes and the majority of us haven’t a clue as to how we are letting him in our homes to take over the minds of our children while we unknowingly think we are doing a great job of raising them! We think because we keep them home with us physically that we are keeping them from all of the bad things that transpire out in the streets!

Satanic influences are already laying dormant in your home already if you have a television or internet connection! The secret societies that exist in our midst unknowingly to us thrive and grow on the control they have on our lives, and the best way to do this is to weaken us as a people of moral fiber by hijacking the very culture from which we draw our strength from!

The lyrics that are laced in the music that our children listen to work on their minds continually all day everyday. More so than the effect of a watered down so called word of God that you drag them into the church to hear every week.



I am not saying the true word of God is weak and watered down!

I am saying that if we (Meaning ALL of us!) were truly ON FIRE in our personal lives and in our worship of the Creator with total submission and obedience, we would have total control of the innocent nature of our children! If we were the true warriors in this world that we were born to be, our very communities would not be in the sorry state of affairs that they are in! Children who are born into the world as a clean slate void of all sin until becoming tainted and indoctrinated into this world’s foolish transgressions. They had to learn it somewhere!

And while YOU may not have purposely taught it to them, they are learning it on YOUR watch, on YOUR POST as a parent……right there in your HOME! Keep them off of the television set unless it is a program that you have investigated the content and actually sat through a few episodes with them to see the vibe and subliminal messages that might be infused within. Now you might say that you cannot be with them 24/7 to look over them but you MUST know that YOU have the first shot at reaching their young minds at an early age, setting the foundation and building the defenses for inevitable attack that is surely to soon come.

We are creatures of habit and learn not only by studying a subject with books/ reading, but we learn more by repetition, doing a task over and over until it becomes a part of our routine, a part of our being. So let me ask you this, what are our younger generations learning by chanting these songs that contain rebellious lyrics and watching these videos that accompany the same songs with visuals hinting at promiscuity?

While the song may not contain a curse, the video might flash a female insinuating a freakish sex act in a subtle way just fast enough to reach their subconcious mind and become a part of their expectations when dealing with the opposite (Or same, these days it seems like ANYTHING goes!) sex and a part of their being.

The enemy realizes that his time is limited here on this planet to rule and he has INCREASED his attacks on the righteous by any means necessary! This means that the innocent things that we did back in our younger days that were seemingly harmless can be downright LETHAL today in our kids life if we think that those activities are JUST as harmless!

The power brokers who bankroll the major media productions, movies, music and all things entertainment know that sex sells! Degenerate activities are in demand! Violence is considered the preferred means of dealing with life’s obstacles! There has now been created an appetite for filth that is an acquired taste from the things we have unknowingly absorbed through the various subliminal attacks on our minds!

Those in power know that if they continually advertise material items into the minds of our children, they can control what they think they want to wear, what they feel they want to eat, and how it is just fine to sleep around with whomever they choose! Most of us are no better than trained monkeys who are FOOLED into thinking we are free! We refuse to reject this evil man-made satanic pseudo culture because the paper thin covering it so cleverly wears has blinded you to what is really underneath!

Our happy go lucky culture is not what it used to be for sure, and until we take back control to this chameleon like element that has permeated into our lives so sneakily, we can expect to see each subsequent generation of our youth that come forth from our own very loins deteriorate into the very essence of satan HIMSELF!

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