Life Should Get Easier The Longer That You Live It!

Now I know that many will misunderstand the title of this article and maybe jump all over me right off the bat but give a Brother a chance! LOL!

I know that for many of us, life just hasn’t been fair in many respects or at least it can feel like that at times, but the way I am looking at life is from a slightly different angle than the norm. To me, as I get older it is really all how you look at it to be honest.

As I am out and about working with the public, I get to see some of the same people over an extended period of time and I get to see them at their best and at their worst. We really are as human beings affected by so many factors that either we control or are out of our control.

Well for the most part, the things that are out of our control we really don’t need to stress over, sure, we can keep ourselves up to date and informed on those factors, but it really makes no sense to rack your brain over that recent deadly Typhoon in Japan unless you have family or friends there to say the least. We as human beings must always show concern about what is out of our control, but to stress our minds to the point of a breakdown just doesn’t make any sense.

Now I’ve observe for the factors in life that we do have a great measure of control over, we tend to oftentimes neglect them or even abuse them. These are the factors that are waiting for us to commandeer them and in actuality WE are the major player in it who will decide which way it goes.

If your credit is jacked up, then who else is there to blame except yourself? YOU are the one who has the final say in how your budget is balanced and how those credit cards are swiped in those blissful foolish moments of unrestrained “shop-a-holic” rampages in the mall that quietly comes back to righteously harass you when you open up the mail a month later. You always ask yourself “what was I thinking about?” You can’t really get mad, YOU CONTROL THAT!

If your love life is not what you thought it would be, then don’t you think that you’ve played a big factor in it becoming that way? Sure, sometimes we ALL can pick a winner (Sarcastically said! LOL!), but you mean every time you find someone to spend time with and bring into your life for a deeper level it’s always THEM that messed it up? COME ON! You are half of the equation, step back, think a little and get your mind and life right before wasting anymore time trying to douse the inner flames of YOUR twisted outlook on life by blaming the next person all of the time. YOU CONTROL THAT!

If your personal life is a rancid mess, please don’t bring it online to hand deliver your issues to others who are surfing the ‘net in a content fashion and didn’t arrive here to be put under that glaring blinding spotlight at police headquarters while aggressively having fingers pointed at them mere inches away from their eyes while being handcuffed to the chair from behind and having cigarettes put out on their thighs when they don’t reply with the correct answer that they want you to spit out.


Yes, you have some really strange entities out here who will demand of you ever detail of YOUR reality while remaining an anonymous shadow and silhouette offering literally nothing about themselves or their mission but claiming to be quite respectable upstanding members of the community.


They need to really get THEIR lives straight instead of playing “compare” to see if your life isn’t as issue filled as theirs and what’s even worse is when they find out that you are actually living a wonderful life they are automatically sworn in by their own power as your designated hater!

So know that to infect someone else’s life with those toxic feelings that YOU do not want to deal with, know that it is not making your life any better but it is only submerging you in your own poison and will suck the life out of you and lessen your chances for a normal life because now no one will ever want to be exposed to you while you remain in that state!

Toxicities can never be hidden but for so long! Do your internal spiritual/emotional/ physical house cleaning because in the end YOU CONTROL THAT!

I could go on and on about health, job situations, attitude, habits, assumptions and one’s overall outlook but I will keep it stupid simple tonight. The bottom line is that WE make our lives more complicated than it was ever supposed to be because we are walking about the earth as very imbalanced people who really are in dire need of some mental help and maybe a few well needed orgasms! (Masturbation doesn’t count y’all, you need to be “served” by a willing living human being who isn’t merely hanging around you for a place to stay or a plate of food!)

Were you cranky all day today? When was the last time YOU came? LOL!


But on a serious note, our lives should be getting better as far as how we navigate the waters of time from within in how we deal with the various factors of what we control and what is beyond our influence.

Now as a short footnote let me say that losing a loved one is an entirely different ballgame, when we lose someone special in our life in such a final state such as death, there is no way to lessen the brunt of such a loss and the ripple effect of events that are sure to follow through. But most things other than sickness and death can not be as bad that you cannot master its effects on your life as your life goes on into your more mature years.

There is no one size fits all answer to say that one should approach life this way or that way but do understand that since you’ve had yourself too yourself for everyone second and every passing measurement of time that you should have mastered yourself by now if you call yourself an adult!

There are no excuses for making the same old dumb mistakes that were made 20 and 30 years ago if you are able to say that you were on this earth that long. For every mistake is an opportunity to sharpen your personal blade that will cut through life and those unexpected life changing situations that stressed you beyond measure should not even make you break a sweat right now and if they do then something is terribly wrong and flawed in your outlook in this life.

What is quite evident as I sit back and people watch during my day is that we are the only ones bearing the weight of our perspective and stance on the happenings of life. Some people have been through a virtual HELL and are just as calm and collected as can be while others can receive a small paper cut on their pinky finger and want to commit suicide after a huge meltdown!

While I have personally committed plenty of foolish acts that really could have changed forever the trajectory of my subsequent life events, thank God I never fell where I couldn’t get back up. And if you find yourself in a bad spot then know that it is an opportunity to grow as well as just another experience to put on your life resume that will broaden your perspective on life and make it easier to breeze through.

Accountability, Responsibility and taking charge over all of the factors that affect you will greatly lessen the stress in your life because you know that YOU are in charge and not the victim of someone else dirty deeds inflicted upon you in this life. We can choose to be victims or victors, it is totally up to you and the first step to living a victorious life is to understand that your reality first begins with you thoughts because everything that we see around us in the physical is the product of a thought.

So thoughts have power and if we are projecting negative thoughts into out lives then what will you think will soon manifest?

The choice is yours!


Conquer the surrounding drama, the past issues, the childhood scars, the present inhibitions toward success and the inner doubts. Grab reality by the horns and steer it in the direction that YOU want it to go as long as your Creator has signed off on it after an extended period of deep prayer and meditation.

Every question has an answer and every problem has a solution. It is up to you to rewire yourself so that even the negative events in your life are viewed for the positive that came out of them, to do this will make you a productive winner every time and will unshackle you from those nagging past entanglements that for the most part are long dead and gone but are only kept alive by the power that we give them through our thoughts!

So think positive, make your plans, work your plan and push hard and after the righteous momentum is in motion, your life should get easier the longer that you live it!

Now I hope you understand where I’m coming from because it is all about being relentlessly positive!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Eveready Battery Powered Brother,


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