Like Many Other Men On The Court Of Life Before Him, Kobe Bryant Took A Lustful Shot That He Thought He Could Never Miss!

I don’t understand it.

If you KNOW that you are in a high risk profession then why would you get married when you know that you are unable to win a losing battle?

What am I talking about?

I’m speaking about the recent Kobe Bryant divorce situation.

I mean, it’s hard enough being a regular blue collar working Joe out here with all of the temptation in the world from so many gorgeous women but could you imagine being a famous N.B.A. basketball star who makes huge wads of money every time he sneezes?

How do you spell TARGET?

No, I am not making excuses for him at all, and I am not saying that I probably wouldn’t fall victim to the erotic intoxicants that come in the form of these parasitic sharks that double as drop dead gorgeous women.

But I just think that to even THINK about settling down in that type of atmosphere is relationship suicide if you really aren’t ready to NOT have the wandering eye in your daily walk.

Trust me, EVERY man knows if he is ready to settle down or not. Every man knows if he is ready to keep his nose where it belongs.

Every man knows what he has left in his “tank” as far as the urge and desire to explore his secret cravings.

At some point Kobe Bryant told himself that he just wasn’t going to fight that urge anymore. While every man can be caught at a weak moment, most men do not have as much to lose as a high profile athlete and celebrity has to lose.

Fame can be quite an intoxicant.

Whenever you are man of power and means no matter WHAT the source of it all, you WILL have a harem of women who will throw themselves at you. This is a given. But at the same time when you find yourself WITH a man such as Kobe Bryant as your husband, you have to understand the situation that you are getting yourself into.

You really shouldn’t have to think that way, but the world is not perfect as it is. It’s comparable to spending the day with a person who is targeted for an assassination, you’ve got to figure that it’s a high probability that you too will get shot if you are sharing the same space with the target.

But when we feel as though we are in love with someone all logic goes out of the window. We feel as though love will conquer all. This might work in some situations to a point but will it hold up to the incessant forces that attack your sanity and privacy twenty four hours seven days a week?


Like that mosquito net that has a tiny hole in it, it is just a matter of time before that determined blood sucking ( And not only blood my friend, that’s a hard one for most men to walk away from! LOL!) entity hits the jackpot and enjoys that “all-they-can-eat-buffet” that you have now unknowingly become.

So we mere mortals need to take the Kobe Bryant situation as a big lesson, we need to keep those mosquito net holes in our character in check if we are to venture off into the world of marriage because at last glance the statistics on successful marriages have been quite bleak at best.

Knowing this, it is not a matter of sewing ones wild oats before tying the knot because the temptation to sample the goods that are constantly thrown at you will never go away. This is the truth and you must accept it sooner or later too. I have never understood the concept of sewing ones wild oats or even the customary bachelor parties that the groom indulges in with his “boys” the night before the matrimonial vows are exchanged. To me, screwing a hooker the night before you tie the knot only plants more deadly seeds of craving to stray and damages the goods of a husband to be.

And for you ladies out here who think that the only thing that might go on at a bachelor party is an up close and personal lap-dance, think twice because I have been witness (Don’t ask me about that right now, I’ll blog about that one day for you really soon! But trust me when I tell you that I KNOW what I am talking about! LOL!) to hundreds of these sacred gatherings of testosterone gone wild and the vast majority of them had a stripper their who doubled as the sensual object of desire for a few hours as you could have called it a “pay-per-screw” event!

I’m not trying to scare you ladies but I am just being truthful with you, take your time and get to know your man as a friend and find out those little freaky fetishes that he has so that you can have the jump on these hoochies out here who are going for the jugular and don’t give a damn about you and what you have at all with your husband.

They don’t give a damn about anyone’s marriage, all they care about is what they can peel away from YOUR situation for themselves.

As a matter of fact, there is probably some chick chuckling to herself right now out in the world because she feels as though SHE is the one that brought Kobe’s marriage to an end. It’s a sick kind of power trip and rush that you may not understand unless you are a viper of a woman with a huge dose of low self esteem. But we will support it if the facts come out by giving this entity a reality television show as well as a photo shoot in a top men’s magazine. So we are to blame to because we will be the anxious financiers through the high Nielsen ratings given to the carcass of another families tragedy like the vultures who pick away at the decomposing roadkill on the side of the highway.

Ultimately it was Kobe’s call. No one else but his. He did what he did whatever it was and now he must pay the consequences of it, because at the end of the day NO ONE could have forced him into a compromising position but himself and for THAT he has ONLY himself to blame.

My words here have only been speculative because I really DON’T know the inner workings of the Bryant household nor do I really care, but I had to speak on it because this is not just something that happens to the rich and famous but it does happen to guys just like me all of the time.

What else is new you might ask?

Well look at it this way, whatever Kobe Bryant has as far as assets will be split in HALF! But you know what? Half of Kobe’s money is most likely a thousand times more that what you and I will ever have¬† (Don’t quote me on that, because I am still in this game called life and have a few righteous money making schemes up my sleeve that I have yet to execute!) in this lifetime.

Why am I saying all of this?

Well because many of us who are wage slaves and the working poor really cannot afford to lose a mere twenty dollars out of our earnings because it will throw our budgets of to spiral down into nothingness. So in other words keep your penis in your pants ’cause you can’t afford Kobe money!

Kobe Bryant might lose some endorsements because his image has been tarnished and the sponsors will definitely not want a womanizer associated with their product, or maybe this might affect his game and eventually take him down a notch as far as being a major attraction. But one thing is for certain, Kobe Bryant will STILL live good without the protection of a prenuptial agreement even if the laws in the State of California automatically say that he must pay out HALF!

Half of a fortune is still a fortune but to have half of a blue collar worker’s money taken away him is enough to make him commit suicide!

Kobe will take his corporate spanking and lay low for a while only to come back with a public apology to polish up his image to the gullible public stating how he is receiving therapy using a well utilized script that has become as predictable as the rising sun

If you are going to be married and try to play the field at the same time understand that you are going to have to adhere to the rules of the game. Know that probability is NOT working in your behalf and that it is just a matter of time before your number comes up.

And with so much at stake for ANY man no matter what his financial status is just too much to gamble.

But like any other man, Kobe Bryant took a shot that he thought he could never miss. Not every man takes the shot. He may see it, but he won’t take it. Those are the smart ones.

But for most of us who are the certified lifetime chronic testosterone sufferers, an alluring glance with that inviting cleavage topped off with a Colgate smile and hips out to HERE is just too much to handle for most of the male species. Trust me, I’ve been there done that and been on both ends of the situation in my past lives, cheated and have been cheated on. The feeling of emptiness and betrayal is something that even time cannot minimize.

It’s a blow to which there is no comfort from.

It’s a wound that never seems to hKobe & Vanessa Bryanteal.


So if Kobe’s soon to be ex Vanessa gets half of the fortune then so be it. Those are the rules of the game. A game that she possibly did not want to play. On the contrary many have said that she was in it to win it from the very beginning but she still hung in there at least. Maybe this was her plan all along.

But the multiple affairs with multiple women just got to be too much.


I can’t be angry with her for that but she has got to know that deep down in her heart she will not get over the pain and suffering of being cheated on.

Is she a viper too?

Only time will tell. We will see in time if she was truly hurt or just another vixen who put in her time with a man who just couldn’t stay faithful and got played and cashed in on like a stock whose holder felt it was time to liquify before it lost its value.

Maybe we will never know, but one thing is for sure, I know that I am keeping all of my hard earned money in my pockets and my very eager penis trapped away safely behind the prison bars of the zipper!

It’s the only way to go…….

Master your weak situation with a session of hot masturbation.

As a man, you are less likely to want to pull your gun out and shoot it if you know that there are no bullets in that gun. Catch my drift?


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