Living In A Hijacked World That’s Severely Out Of Balance! – The LanceScurv Show

Someone has baited and switched the real world from existence without a trace right in front of our faces and up under our noses.

The sad thing about this covert phenomenon is that the masses have no clue that the vibration of the planet has been replaced by one that is very sinister, evil and obviously destructive.

The world has been hijacked and this man made hierarchy is being pushed hard with too many of us not even aware that our lives are compromised because we’ve accepted it on face value.

Many of us because of this deception are lost and never coming back to knowing who they are and what their role is in this life. Most are moving about aimlessly through these shark infested waters so vulnerable without protection and are doomed because of it.

Those of us who have the righteous vision to identify the wicked trajectory of the present world as well as the courage to call it out are deemed mentally ill or simply out of our minds.

For those of us who know the time and what must be done need to now focus on ourselves, our community, our families and children because we cannot maintain balance outside of ourselves with people who love the drama, decadence and wayward living.

So make a point to maintain your balance as well as those in your inner circle because our society has become unhinged from all laws of righteousness and is swiftly heading the way of the great historic civilizations of the past who turned their back on God and paid the price!

Living In A Hijacked World That’s Severely Out Of Balance! - The LanceScurv Show

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