Are You Living In A Past That’s Permanently Shackled To The Time Capsule Of Stagnation?

As I’ve gotten older I’m finding that the things that at one time titillated me merely annoy me because I’ve grown beyond the frivolous foolishness that I used to indulge in.

What a tragedy it would be if I never grew beyond the narrowed mindset of my limited past to still feel as though the prior vices indulged in was still the best thing that could be happening to me.

That thought frightens me for sure…….


And I’m quite sure that you can identify with knowing that person who is stuck in the past speaking about incidents that have long dissipated from your memory as though it just happened yesterday.

You almost feel embarrassed for the person as you have to endure the same tales that transpired thirty years ago.

These sad fossils whose lives were preserved in a time capsule of stagnation laugh just as hard as the punchline approaches and never notice that the smile on your face is as manufactured as a mass produced poorly made cheap off the rack suits sold in a low end mall that begins to fall apart after wearing it once.

Stagnation Graphic

How pathetic and sad this can be as you realize that this entity is already dead as they go on and on like an old scratchy 45 rpm record that skips to repeat the same millisecond of a song until someone shuts it down from its misery.

This goes to show me that personal growth is not guaranteed in ones life. There is no law made on the books that states that you have to move on from the past or that you have to continue to keep yourself relevant in the present by shedding your old ways and challenge yourself to new personal heights.

For many of us, once we get to a certain level of accomplishment on a educational level, material saturation or whatever standard that we hold to be the epitome of personal success, we will begin to fade because we feel as though we don’t have to push ourselves because we’ve now “made it”.

The sad part is that in this life there are higher planes to ascend to and the moment you’re feeling as though you’ve made it is the moment that you begin to die a slow death.


This is why I’m always in the process of cleaning out my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional closet.

There are some friends that fit poorly on us as we’ve outgrown them and need to be introduced to others who will appreciate them as they will fit them perfectly.

Just the same way that you know when it’s time to bring your clothes to the Salvation Army or used clothing drive, you have to be shrewd to know when it’s time for these people to be put out of your personal closet space.

Clothing Drop Box

If you fail to do so they will become a leech to your energies and a cancer to your enthusiasm keeping you down in their inability to move on from that place of stagnation where they seem all to happy to wallow.

It makes me see how so many of us are guilty of holding our own selves back in life simply because we refuse to expand beyond the limiting borders of our own making.

My thing is, if YOU want to stay stuck then stay right were you are because it is a big world out here and there is too much to experience to sit here and revamp a few tired memories when I can go to create new ones with new friends!

Reminiscing on the good old days can be fun as well as a source of a good healthy much needed laugh. But when you forfeit the potential of the present simply because you’d rather stay back than move forward, when we have a problem.


The joy of climbing a tall mountain is when you take that periodic break on a cliff to catch your breath and look back to see how far you’ve come.

But any experienced climber will tell you that it’s not a good thing to enjoy that break for too long because it will rob you of the drive to go higher as you’ll become more lethargic with every passing second.

Have you become that person who has lost their drive to go higher in life?

Do you find yourself in a place of stagnation wondering what happened as the memories of days and years gone by seem to be where you would feel the most comfortable?

Do you distance yourself from the old friends you’ve had that have moved on in life to live a new existence while you never left your old dated mindset?


If you find yourself stimulated by the same decades old indulgences finding yourself to now be the oldest fool who is still doing the same old things while in an ever diminishing world that has left you isolated, outdated and literally with no where to go, then it’s time for a gut check.

Reach out to new circles, new people and new activities, because staying in your old nonproductive mentality in the smoke and mirror life of denial will only cement your position with the current crop of people who are barely alive but NOT living who are considered the LIVING DEAD!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Very Much Alive & Living Brother,



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