There was a time in this world where it would have made the news big time if we had a Black African Miss Universe winner as we recent had in the beautiful Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi of Eastern Cape South Africa. But in a manner that didn’t shock yours truly at all, here comes a well timed and in my humble opinion engineered comeback from Singer/Rapper Lizzo who began to twerk during a recent Los Angeles Lakers game while seated in the front row at courtside!

Talk about winning the attention whore title of the year by a landslide!

Hollywood and the unseen powers that be who pull the strings from dark places hate the image of a classy dignified Black woman of integrity and take a sick pleasure in degrading her as an ignorant decadent attention seeking at all costs promiscuous whore. Listen in intently as Sister Carrie Lux and Thoughts Of Terri verbally throw down from the heart on this and other topics of the day in a way that will keep you coming back time and time again!


Please share your perspectives on this and everything else that you heard covered in this podcast in the comment section below. Thank you for spending your precious and valuable time here and I hope that you enjoyed yourself immensely!

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