Lonely, Broke & Waiting On The Lord: Is The Church The Only Place To Find A Good Man?

I already know so many of you opened up this article to see if I’ve gone just too far because of the manner in which it is titled.

Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

Read it in its entirety and then you tell me.

But I have to point out a few things that I’ve observed and there will be some who agree and others who will take the time to curse me out as they usually do.

But let me ask you this…….

Why are there so many single women in church who are living dutifully according to God’s law yet are very lonely and broke?


Now even if they’re not broke and have the money to give in that misunderstood and non mandatory practice of tithing, that’s money that could have been put into a much better place to benefit them more than keeping their Pimp/Pastor in the latest alligator shoes and custom suits.

These church traps have set up a system that is shrewdly constructed to appear as though they are holy in order to benefit right here in the present by capitalizing on a woman’s need for a good man and will string her along for years making her feel that her Prince Charming and Mr. Right is just around the corner.

This is not to say that ALL women attend church services with the ulterior motive of meeting a man for marriage or having a better prospect of doing so in the house of the Lord, but I wouldn’t be mad if she did have her radar out there because the church is supposed to be the place where decent individuals congregate.

But that is if that particular “House of the Lord” is TRULY a House of God!

Let me ask you a few questions that has me bedazzled most of the time, how can a woman who attends church services morning, noon and night giving her all to a fraudulent religious structure that is more about business profits help a woman who wants to find her Boaz?

How can a church be full of the kind of upstanding men that our communities need so badly when the prototypical “real man” ideal is discouraged under the leadership of that church?

Perfect Man Graphic

What do I mean by that?

Well, it has appeared to me that in most pimp/preacher led churches that the Pastor is to be the only real man under that roof and all other men must be somewhat subservient to him never to upstage him or appear more powerful than him mentally, spiritually or physically.

Whatever your strong points are as a person they must be diminished in the Pastors presence in order for you to advance in stature there to get closer to the inner circle of the church hierarchy.

This is why the church is full of males all right, but those males are NOT the type that would be interested in anything that a woman has to offer other than the nail polish or skin toner that she has in her bag.


They are not threats to the Pastor at all and are readily subservient to this “powerful man of God” to do HIS personal bidding as he is worshiped as a god instead of God Almighty Himself. This is what I see and I cannot apologize to what is so evident in my eyes!

Again, this is not ALL churches or ALL Pastors but if the shoe fits then get mad all you wish…….

Let me also clarify what I mean by real men as opposed to merely being a male. A male has a penis and lives his life in a manner where he decides where it should go without the total adherence to God’s law to the last letter. While none of us are perfect and I do not mean to throw off on anyone, I cannot be fearful of speaking my mind where in this case I believe it to be the truth until someone proves it to me otherwise.

We have straight males out here as well as gay males and every sexual persuasion in between those two points.

Straight or Gay, you can be just as wonton as can be indulging in the many transgressions to God’s law. So do not come at me saying that I am bashing Gays but the church is full of so many wayward spirits with penises that our women would have a better chance of finding a good man in any worldly Saturday night Social Club because at least there what you see is what you get!

But a real man – who of course is a male – is someone who is the manifestation of what God wants us to be and the fact of the matter is that we were made in HIS image! Isn’t that what His word said? So judging by what I see here on this earth and in this life then God must either be a mixed up character or possibly what we see is NOT the representation of what He is.

You can’t have it both ways, it’s either/or!

A real man is not a womanizer.

A real man is always in the process of perfecting and polishing his life to improve his life a degree better today than it was yesterday.

A real man has self control in all things, his spending habits, his temperament and his sex drive among so many other categories.

A real man respects all other men but will not reduce his manhood simply because he is in the presence of a pimp.

Black Man In Suit

This is why Pimp Preachers do not like real men in their churches because they show him up by their mere presence and are a threat to his in-house harem of female admirers and certified church whores.

And if you are that woman who attends this type of church where you are always told to “wait on the Lord” for your breakthrough to arrive, you will most likely be waiting forever because no one there is really concerned about your happiness but you better make sure to continue to pay those tithes and offerings every week without fail!

Another question that has always been in my heart to ask is why is it that the Pastor is so hard to talk to but the minute you as a single woman is considering a man from either inside or outside of the church congregation, they have to be all up in your business under the guise of counseling?

Counseling for what? If you have a marriage minded man in your life and there are no problems, why does that Pastor have to meet him and what business is it of his at this point?

If anything that preacher needs to counsel his own flock to rid the weird demonic spirits that are already there infesting every corner of the church before he looks to dip and dab putting his finger all up in your life! He might want to be up in your business so he can dip his finger up in a few other things if you know what I mean!

Trust me, many an indiscretion has happened between a pastor and a female member of his congregation when he has counseled both sides of the couple together and separately. What happens when that woman reveals to the Pastor that she has a fetish to give her husband long extended sessions of oral sex spontaneously no matter where they are and he doesn’t believe in a woman doing that? If that Pastor isn’t the real thing then guess who will position themselves in line to be the one to receive that oral bliss?


Demons are everywhere and the church is the biggest place for wayward spirits to congregate. Do you think that the hospital waiting room during the flu season is the best place to seek out clean air to breath while folks are sneezing away?

The bottom line of what I’m saying is that if the vast majority of you single women are waiting on a church to bring you the perfect man of God then you might be waiting for a very very long time.

Sure, I personally know of many MANY successful marriages that were born out of the church experience mainly because the church that they came out of was a place where the bull crap was checked at the door and I must applaud those institutions for definitely doing their job.

But the vast majority of women that are holding on regardless as to what it looks like waiting for the man that God has for them that never arrives gets beat down every year as they observe the marriages around them and slowly begin to internalize that it is something that they are not doing enough of so here comes even MORE tithes and offerings to the pimp preacher because “only he can speak directly to the Lord to bring my man to me!”

Do you see how this benefits a church of heathens and not your life at all?

How will you ever find a good men in a church where only males are encouraged to attend and not true men?

Sisters, potential good men are everywhere in the world and they are not just in the church. Stop thinking that you are unprotected in the world if you speak to a charming individual who doesn’t beat down the church door five and six times a week.

You don’t want a worldly man who doesn’t serve God, I would never suggest that to you, but at the same time aren’t there enough strange males in the church who have ulterior motives that are even MORE deadly than the secret intentions of strangers out in the world?


Learn to think for yourself and trust in the Holy Spirit within you that can only grow stronger through regular prayer, meditation and a conviction to God that will keep you aligned with YOUR true destiny and all of the goodness that comes along with it.

Every woman’s path and walk is different than the next, so when you feel as though everyone is finding bliss around you on a romantic level then dig deeper into enhancing your connection to God instead of trying to find just any old guy to clean up to call a husband. That in itself is a very dangerous practice indeed just as thing that paying up every available penny to a mere man who calls himself a man of God “ain’t no different” than a desperate person who goes to the voodoo man or roots worker to have their prayers answered.


Talk to God right now and know that it is NOT a sin to do so without your so called Pastor knowing what needs and desires are.

Never forget that your Pastor is a mere male too and just might want to be the one who fulfills those needs and desires himself instead of letting God work the miracle as He always does so well!

I would love to hear your comments on this one and I hope my words have helped to open someones eyes!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,



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April 1, 2015 2:53 AM

Really?! Waiting on a man in the church? Well, I guess some women do that, but not I. The spirit isn’t right in the church. Plus, most of the people are 80% women anyway. The preacher and his hand full of deacons would get more out of that that I would. BE SMART LADIES!!

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