The things that I see Black people do today in the present time would have blown my mind back in my younger days as it would have been unfathomable to see back then what I see today. Some would say that it borders on mental sickness but I disagree to say that it IS mental sickness to the highest degree. Not to make excuses for the masses of Black people but they have been subjected to the worst treatment of any race in recorded history over and above any race.

That being said I have to say that many of us know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to the decadence that we indulge in and exemplify and are cursing themselves even further by not even attempting to do better for themselves. If we were to access the state of Black people overall in a blended way of scoring them from one to ten, I would say that whatever you would have graded us coming out of slavery we would have to be measured 6 points lower than the number you estimated.

That will leave many coming up with numbers in the negative and rightfully so because of how we carry on in a world that already despises us and thinks the lowest of us even when some of us rise to the highest levels of human existence. What gives and what will we do overall? Will we choose to do better or will we find even new methods to sink even lower to damn our subsequent generations to more shame than we could imagine.

Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below and do not censor your responses because we have to shoot straight because as a race our situation is dire to say the least.

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