Loretta Miller: The Jewish Politician Who Refuses To Acknowledge The Black Holocaust!

I’ve always wondered what made women like Loretta Miller tick when I was very young. I’ve had teachers just like her and it was so evident to me that the Colgate smiles that they shared with us young Black kids in abundance was merely a paper thin mask worn to hide what they really felt about us.

Now as a middle aged adult I have mastered the art of navigating among these confused feminist entitled condescending control freaks that not only claim Judaism as their religion, but an entire historic positioning that belongs solely to the Black people who are the original Israelites.

These transplanted Caucasian women who claim to be Semitic truly believe the falsehoods that they have repeated over and over again to the point where they believe it to be true themselves. You will even hear Loretta Miller break down how she is actually African American, the blonde haired woman actually proved her point beyond a shadow of a doubt which was an awesome display of wordplay to say the least. I found it so amusing that as hard as she tried and succeeded to prove herself to be African American not once in her campaign literature did I see her say this publicly.

These verbal acrobatics that many people of other races indulge in like Loretta Miller is proof positive that all Black people should refer to themselves as BLACK and nothing else! There is no amount of wordplay that can skirt around the reality of one’s Blackness no matter how hard they try.

It must be told how these race/nationalistic chameleons move about the general population covertly in order to reach their collective goals of control unnoticed. One can see that when someone like Loretta Miller is in the company self acknowledged Caucasian people, she will gladly accept the race benefits that being in that inner circle will bring.

Of course when in the company of Blacks, she will proclaim being a (false) Jew and attempt to win over their confidence by aligning what she claims to be a tortured heritage because of Hitler’s regime to win over the hearts of those who have suffered the worst Holocaust ever in recorded history to this very day! Don’t be fooled by these hypocrites who care not about the Black struggle and reparations while Israel is a welfare state that receives billions of dollars from the United States while those who built this country have never been compensated one time for the travesties inflicted on us for their profit and worldly status!

Is this hate speech or simply the facts?

No matter how convincing their sincere connection my appear to the untrained eye, false Jews like Loretta Miller have only one goal in this world and that is to maintain false Jewish domination and control over the major spheres of government, finance, education, healthcare industry, broadcast/print/social media as well as the legal field and beyond!

When the covers are pulled off of their sleazy methods of maintaining their leech-like hold over these areas of expertise they will either begin their verbally deflective arguments or cry out that you hate Jews!

The fact of the matter that these ruthless self centered imposters who have executed the most brazen example of Identity Theft care not about the exploited Black people and will never acknowledge the worst Holocaust for a people to suffer in recorded history! We must call out the deceptions in our midst without fear and unify our efforts for total freedom to enjoy the fruits of our collective labor and talent laden resources bar none!


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